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12-07-2011, 02:27 PM
Well, first off I`v been playing AC since the first, I`v played every game, watched every video and enjoyed each to the max.but Currently here it is, the fourth game in the Series; Strength to strength ? or nothing but a big Mess ?

The gameplay in ACR is more of the same, not that this is a bad thing, There is the scaling, sneaking, and Assassinating, but a few tweaks gave the game an extra layer of Fun, such as the hookblade. The Hookblade is fun, plain and simple, It shows off some nice kill moves in Combat, but thats all it ever does in that field.In Parkour however; It is a lovable device, it makes scaling buildings a whole lot lighter and faster, sure it might look a bit funky but aside from that it makes traversing the city a different experience on its own.
Bombs add a strategical approach towards alot of features, such as sneaking and stealth, also the fact that you can craft your own bombs gives off a feeling of "F YEAH !!" when you use it,although im still not a fan of Lethal Bombs, except the trip wire ones, I made full use of them in my travels, although it can sometimes be hard to actually remember to use bombs due to the HUGE amount of freedom and different gadgets that the player has.

All in all, AC`s gameplay has always been fun, but the few added tweaks to new Gadgets and the upgrades to existing ones add more Fun and, If used properly and usually, will give a different experience to each player, although some may see the tweaks as unneeded or just Annoying. 9/10

The City
ACR builds on an already firm base; AC has always made Gorgeous cities, highly detailed and so full of life, ACR However; has proven that it is a BIG challenger in open world gaming, IF given the right amount time.Constantinople is beautiful to look at, during Night and day; I`v have walked all of its streets, the Buildings are exceptionally Amazing to see, from the highest Minarets, to the smallest Wooden Houses.Every Building looks and feels alive.
The people also make it the most alive city in AC yet; they do more things and are more colorful, they really show the vast amount of cultural diversity in the crowds, their conversations are far more interesting, and their Actions are nothing short of Magnificent; There are people who carry bread during the Morning when the Athan (Call for prayer) is heard, the sound of the Shisha in the gardens and alleys, The vibrancy of the Moving crowds in the Bazaar, The merchants in the ports and then the Athan from atop the Galata tower during Dusk.Its just so Beautiful. 10/10

What drew me to the series was its one-of-a-kind Story line and telling; Its interesting and full of twists, although it has some quirky setbacks.
ACR delivers one of the best examples of genius story telling; It takes a more mature approach towards Politics, love, Morals and Death.It starts just like its predecessors, an Actiony start then starts to rebuild slowly until it reaches a climax and then begins to end. What makes ACR a gem here is not the structure of the Story, its how its told; ever since AC II Ezio was given the image of a hero and a saint, his character was developed deeply in installment, but ACR touches upon an Important aspect of Ezio`s life, his morals and decisions. In my Opinion ACR has portrayed Ezio as "different" from any other character that I`v played as, sure he is still the same in that he is brutal and a Badass but now in ACR I felt more attached to Ezio as a person and as an Assassin; His character was developed the best in my opinion in ACR, even though it has the shortest period of Ezio`s life. The Chemsitry between him and every minor character was realistic and mindful, especially towards Sofia; Every time I see these 2 in one scene, I smile because of the soft love between them, Every time i see Ezio and Suleiman, i see a father and a son, a tutor and a student, whenever I see Yusuf and Ezio i think "yo yo ***** wazzup ?"
So, ACR has given off a set of fresh new Characters, Enemies and allies alike, each with a Personality and unique character development, the story is straight forward in its events, everything was well placed and it flowed nicely, Although the short story may annoy some as well as the small amount of screen time given for some characters. 8.5/10

ACR can be best described as a beautiful Product, short yes, but magnificent nonetheless.Its minor additions add a great layer of fun and imagination, yet my only complaint in this department would be that i forget to use some of these things..


12-07-2011, 02:45 PM
Good review man http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif I also particularly loved Constantinople, everything about it, it is the best city In any AC title, full of atmosphere and beauty! Your conclusion made me laugh a bit because I also forgot to use a few features or never even realized they were there until my second playthrough. A 9/10 is fair I think. Would be 10/10 for me but the game was too short and I'm not a fan of the Desmond memories.

12-07-2011, 03:12 PM
hmm... 100% 4 TIMES? F*** and my parents say I'm addicted.

btw, you played it 4 times 100% and still you only gave the game an average of 9? damn you're harsh http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif

12-07-2011, 03:14 PM
Great review http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif A+

12-07-2011, 03:46 PM
Good review. My complaint outside of the short story is the same it's always been and that is that the games lack replay value. Not that that stops me from playing them over and over. I just wish I had more to do after I beat the game then kill guards, fix armor, kill guards, fix armor repeat. I agree the city was done incredibly well and the graphics this time are noticeably much better. I thought Yusuf was an awesome character too but I didn't like the way they handled that character's fate or Lucy's or 16's.

12-07-2011, 04:12 PM
Great review! Funny that it seems that so many people are kinda mad with ACR, I personally find it a game with more quality than ACB, it felt more finished and properly tested. Atleast for me!