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12-28-2004, 03:12 AM
Is It possible to model the existing 'Nose over' behavior (When using brakes while taxieng to Fast)
To happen when you miss all aresting Cables or catch the last ones!?

WWII Carriers with their straight landing Decks needed A cable 'Barrier'(Like A Tennis net) across the height of the Island structure cutting the Flight deck in two halfs one for Landing aircraft who would be Arrested by it in case they missed All or catched the last cables.
And beyond It creating A relatifly save parking Space for Landed A/C,

I have read A lot of books on Carrier Operations Wich show A lot Of Pictures where the A/C who Hit The barrier Cables end up in A "Nose stand" (A/C resting on it's Propellor tail 45 degrees Up)
The WWII Bariers where A little above at Landing gear in height.

Some Aircraft would even miss the Barrier and crash into the parked A/C

Place some Cables higher positioned from the Deck. To act as the "Barier" when they are hit by A/C they behave like normal Aresting cables but give less slack and trigger the same effect of braking to hard under speed = Nose stand under Corect landing speed or 'Nosing Over'onto it's back in case of speed to high for landing.

It Took only 15 seconds for A Landed A/C to be behind the Barrier and The Following A/C to land (Much faster then the Modern Carrier Aircraft)
It would add some more excitment when you have to taxi over the barrier (That would pivot down for taxieng A/C)
Before A landing A/C would 'chew up' your tail!

For me the mission is only over when I parked my A/C savely at the Bows end, Wings Up, Engine off & Chocks in!

12-28-2004, 03:43 AM
Would you want this to be selectable? Cause it would get in the way of flex deck operations.

12-28-2004, 07:14 AM
I think the developers stretched the FM to it's limits by adding carriers @ all, so I'm pessimistic about getting nets and catapults added in the future.

12-29-2004, 05:24 PM
Of course this should be A extra Choise under the 'Dificulty' selection screen. Something like "Realistic Carrierlanding" On or Off.

The Carriers How Dificult they might have been to program ( I Am very Greatfull for their Existence, But just Can't Imagigen A Pacific Air War Sim without them!?)

Are within the existing technology up for enhancement.
This Is A IL-2 product IL-2 products don't apear on the market and stop developing!

As stated I think it wouldn't be difficult to program It does take someones time and creativity I agree.

I went through A lot of practice to come Up with A schedule for my own landing technique,
I think A lot off People could still be helped with A Ground controller giving you directions to help you land In the best way possible telling you your Aproaching to slow or to fast to high or to low and wheter you are to much left or right from the Deck, when It is not possible to land he tells you "Wave Off, Wave off!"

This was Already featured in carrier sims before CFS 2!

12-30-2004, 12:55 AM
I am all for making the game more realistic.

I like the new takeoff charaterictics for heavily loaded carrier based planes.

I don't like going for a swim however.

If we are to be "saddled" with realism, then we must have catapults. Or it will be unrealistic.

JATO bottles would be nice too.

For the same reason we need the crash barrier also.