View Full Version : Plotting accurate bearings and courses

03-21-2005, 12:42 AM
Been playing for a couple of days now and, though I am, having a ball there are a few things missing from the sim that has me scratching my in wonder at their absense.

Is there any way to take or lay a measured bearing or course on the chart? For true direction the chart grid lines provide 000, 090, 180 and 270 but anything in between is pure guesswork.

For relative all that exists is the "tail" of own ship or a contact to indicate 180 but again, that is it. All else is guesswork.

Several times in the docs it mentions situations where the player should match a contacts course and speed but there seems no way to determine just what that course and speed is exceptl, again, by guessing.

The absense of these things is not a show stopper but just how such basic functions came to be missing is puzzleing, Is there some way to determine these things that I have not noticed?

If these things are indeed missing a fix need not be as complex as the distance readouts in the chart tools. All that is really required is a compass rose on the contacts as part of the graphics. Not as precise as the digital distance readout on the "ruler" but perfectly usuable.

For True another compass rose that could be dragged and dropped where needed or perhaps incorporated into the "X" graphic of the "Marker" or as part of the circle drawn by the "compass" would work fine.


03-21-2005, 01:11 AM
I've had the same problems, the guessing is very unrealistic. I would suggest adding the parallel rule and something that indicated the bearing, like a full-circle protractor.
Here is an example: