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03-12-2005, 04:10 PM

This craft features in the new Japanese movie Lorelei - Witch of the Pacific Ocean. The makers of this model call it a Type N but I have not been able to find any further info on the net. Can anyone identify?

03-12-2005, 04:15 PM
isn't that the midget sub that was in the attack on Pearl Harbour

03-12-2005, 04:31 PM
Type A Midget Submarines were the ones used in the Pearl Harbor attack. They looked longer and more streamlined than the one above. The type A, B, and C's all had simuliar profiles.

03-12-2005, 04:41 PM
werent they called Kiten or something like that?

03-12-2005, 04:42 PM
kaiten* lol http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

03-12-2005, 05:01 PM
I think they were 'Kamikaze' subs, the pilot/driver was locked inside and had to get up to a ship and detonate it.

Suicide bombers....I hope that Muslim terror network aka 'Al Quada' dont think that they invented it !

The British also had Midget subs called " X-Craft" and they used to be 'towed' into the action vicinity strapped under a DD or Merchant ship.
On the sides of the X-Craft were strapped huge blocks of TNT and they used to get under a docked ship and plant the tnt there, I think that they were used to try to sink the Tirpitz battleship...not successful. The Tirpitz was eventually sunk by Lancaster bombers dropping " Grand Slam" which were 10 ton Bunker buster bombs.

03-12-2005, 05:06 PM
Maybe it's just a "movie" sub. With the exception of the cow-catcher thingie on it's nose...it looks suspicously like a German "Seehund" Midget sub. I picture along with specs can be found at..

Take a look.

03-13-2005, 03:20 AM
It looks nothing like a Kaiten, I agree that it's probably a 'movie sub', rather nicely done. The Japanese also had KAIRYU at the end of the war, but not enough fuel or explosives to use them much. Midgets failed at Pearl & in attempt on Sydney Harbour, but sunk battleship RAMILLES in Madagascar, 1942.

The Germans had SEEHUND (Type XXVIIB) 2-man midgets developed from the HECHT (XXVIIA). MARDER one-man torpedoes + the well-known BIBER and MOLCH one-man types.

British types were the CHARIOT Human torpedo, X-CRAFT and WELMAN.

But let us not forget the greatest midget sub experts : the Italians. They used them to good effect at Pola (Austro-Hungarian Naval HQ) in WW1 and extremely successfully against the British at Alexandria, 18 December 1941. In this operation the Italians crippled the battleships QUEEN ELIZABETH and VALIANT and blew up an oiler. They used MAIALE (='pig') 2-man midgets (the crews had been captured after setting charges under their targets - they were prisoners on board one of the ships when she blew next morning!) A similar, earlier, operation against Gibraltar did not achieve any results.

03-13-2005, 03:29 AM
It is a highly modified Seehund typ XXVIIB.
You can find a 1/35 resin model made by Verlinden...not the jap thing though but the real one.