View Full Version : new idea (i think) for pf

11-14-2004, 12:00 PM
i hope this is in the right area. i know, for the us at least, that submarines played a big role in wwii rescueing downed pilots. i thought maybe pf could have small areas in the enemy territory side of the maps, that represent areas where us subs are. that way, if you get shot down or damaged in a mission, and can make it to one of these areas to ditch or bail out, you have a chance at being rescued, rather then just automatically being captured whenever you go down in enemy territory. just a thought to improve an already great game. thanks.

11-14-2004, 12:08 PM
Good idea, I hope some of the mission builders see it. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

11-14-2004, 12:17 PM
There is actually a Submarine Lifeguard League. It is quite an honor to those who took part in it.