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10-13-2005, 10:03 AM
Hi all i put in a question not long ago about wanting to play the career of a famous ace and you were very helpfull suggesting the commander thingymybob however...

It doesnt unzip, and the stupid 7zip thing doesnt unzip it either. It says its not a valid archive. Also i wanted to know what sort of changes this will make to my game. I dont want files messing with like guns and aircraft ect. Does it allow me to use it only to choose starting date or will it mess around with other files automatically.

I ask because there is no documentation on the site i got it from (which is complete ***) and also i cant tell if there is any with the file since it wont unzip.

I have to say this is one of the reasons i never mess with mods. Its almost like a lucky dip as to what the mod actually does lol.

Thanks anyhow.

10-13-2005, 12:07 PM
Try WinRAR ive got tht and it will unzip anything.

10-13-2005, 12:22 PM
I have found in trying to download many mods, especially from U-bootRealsim that for some reason I often have to try downloading twice. The first download only partially completes and of course when I try to unzip it I get the error message. The second attempt seems to do the trick. The best indication of a bad download is the progress indicator. If it is a 10 meg file that I am downloading and it says complete at say 2 megs, then I know it was a bad download. For some strange reason, I often have to try again and the second attempt completes.

I have both 7zip and WinRar, but I find WinRar works best.

SH3 Commander works well, especially with RUb. I don't think it changes much, if anything to do with guns and planes.

Good luck, and I hope you can get the download problem fixed.

10-13-2005, 01:03 PM
Sounds like you have a bad download, it should be 29,044kb before unzipping. You can also get it from Beery's site http://www.beerymod.com/ which does have documentation for it on it.

10-13-2005, 03:19 PM
Ok thanks i will try it from beerys site. I got it from somewhere else previously and i dont think it was 20 megs big http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif

Thanks for your help, i will be back if i get more confused no doubt http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

10-13-2005, 03:32 PM
Ok i got it at last, and i can extract it but what do i need to do.

Do i need to extract all the files or just extract the SH3 commander.exe and run that?

There is a help.HTML but it doesnt work. Also when i run just the commander exe it lets me choose the start date and base, but not the boat type. The boat choice is dulled out and i want to be able to use a type IIC as Topp started in one of these.

Does just selecting the options and then running the commander do everything for you?

Thanks again.

10-13-2005, 05:51 PM
Make a folder for SH3 Commander and put all of the extracted files in that folder. Make a shortcut to the exe file in that folder. Run that exe file to start SH3 Commander. I believe you can choose the flotilla, but the starting boats depend on the flotilla and the time of the war.

In September, 1939, the 1st and 7th use the small boats, the 2nd uses the 7B. As the war progresses, other boats are offered. Since I hate those little boats I usually start in the 2nd with a 7B.

You can start a new career with SH3, choosing the month and flotilla and a few other things with the options button. Then use SH3 Commander to launch the game. In the game, make sure to select the same year and flotilla as you chose in SH3 Commander options. You have to do one patrol before all of the options, such as crew manager become available.

Here is the text from the html file, in case you still cannot extract it:

SH3 Commander minimum requirements

SH3 Commander requires Silent Hunter III version 1.4b to be installed on your computer. Attempting to run SH3 Commander with earlier versions of Silent Hunter III may result in game instability.

You must also have Administrator privileges to run SH3 Commander.


-If you do not have a previous installation of SH3 Commander:
Simply unzip SH3 Commander to a folder of your choice, including the Silent Hunter III install folder if you desire.

-If you do have a previous installation of SH3 Commander:
1. using your existing installation, press the 'Rollback SH3' button to remove SH3 Commander files from Silent Hunter III;
2. if you are currently using SH3 Commander v1.43 or earlier, delete the old SH3 Commander€s €˜Date€ and 'Random' folders and all of their contents. Post-v1.43 €˜Date€ and 'Random' folders are significantly different, and leaving the old files in place will mean that events will not occur at the correct dates;
3. unzip the new version over the top of your existing installation.

1. It is important to know that your Commander career information and other SH3 Commander options are stored in a file called 'SH3Cmdr.ini'. If you want to preserve your data, you must ensure that this file is not deleted. If you delete your existing installation first, you will lose your Commander career data. Note that unzipping a new version of SH3 Commander over an existing installation will not overwrite this file.

2. SH3 Commander is a standalone third party add-on: you do not need to enable it with the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler.

Using SH3 Commander

To run, click on SH3Cmdr.exe located in the SH3 Commander folder. For ease, you can create a shortcut to this file and save it to your desktop for later use.

Once running, you can:

1. Set up for a new career
By selecting "Set up for a new career" from the list presented on the left hand side of the SH3 Commander screen, you can enter details in preparation for the commencement of a new career in Silent Hunter III. Select your preferred start year, month and Flotilla in SH3 Commander and the necessary files will be copied across to Silent Hunter III in preparation for your new career. Select "Randomise crew names" to overwrite the default Silent Hunter III crew names with unique German names. Further, you can enter or create a random Commander name which will be recognised by Silent Hunter III when it loads. When finished setting up your new career, press 'Launch SH3!' and Silent Hunter III will load. When you start your new career in Silent Hunter III, your new career name should already be highlighted. Simply select it, then select the same year and Flotilla as you did in SH3 Commander and you're away! Your career will start in the same month as selected in SH3 Commander.

2. Set up for a single mission
By selecting "Set up for a single mission" you can prepare Silent Hunter III in anticipation of undertaking an individual mission. If you choose to play a single mission, select the year, month, Flotilla and U-boat type that are relevant to the mission that you wish to undertake. Further, you can check the box marked 'Randomise crew names' to randomise the names of your mission crew. When finished, click on the 'Launch SH3!' button and SH3 Commander will load up the necessary files and Silent Hunter III will automatically start.

3. Select an existing career
Selecting an existing career will provide a snapshot of that career, including displaying an image of the Commander. From here, by clicking on the various links you can: change your U-boat number, change your next patrol grid, generate a Personnel File, enter the Crew Manager, or delete the selected career from your hard drive. Once you're ready, click on the 'Launch SH3!' button and SH3 Commander will load up the necessary files based on the details of the career, and then Silent Hunter III will start, automatically defaulting to the Commander that you selected. Once in the game, just load up the saved campaign for the career that you selected in SH3 Commander and you're ready to go on patrol!

4. Customise Silent Hunter III via adjustable options and settings
Clicking on the 'SH3 Options' button will display a screen of options and settings which you can customise to enhance your gaming experience. It is recommended that you visit this screen the first time you run SH3 Commander so that you can have full control over how your game behaves.

1. SH3 Commander loads files based on the current career date and anticipated next patrol start date, so make sure that you exit the game after every patrol. Then, when you want to start a new patrol, just launch SH3 Commander and choose the career or mission that you want to play. But don't worry if you forget to launch the game via SH3 Commander once in a while - it won't cause serious problems. It just means that you may see a news file from the wrong date, or your boat may have deeper crush depth characteristics, etc. These problems are minor, temporary and will disappear as soon as you update the game by running SH3 Commander again.

2. If you ever want to go back to the standard game format, just click on the 'Rollback SH3' button. This will uninstall all the SH3 Commander-based mods.

3. Limit the changes you make in SH3 Commander to when you are in base between patrols. Crewman or other changes may not be reflected in SH3 Commander when you are mid-patrol. Hence making changes mid-patrol is not recommended and may cause game instability.

4. Due to the way Silent Hunter III handles career creation, a new career will only appear in SH3 Commander as an existing career after you have completed the first patrol.


SH3 Commander installs files based on the date, Flotilla and/or U-boat currently in use in a campaign in addition to writing settings to Silent Hunter III based on user selections. The program contains an executable file and a number of folders. The executable file accesses these folders based on the data from the career chosen, or details entered, via the SH3 Commander user interface.

Each of the special folders inside the main SH3 Commander folder contains folders that the Commander accesses based on info in the game's campaign files. The 'Date' folder contains folders named for any date in the war, from September 1st 1939 (19390901) to May 9th 1945 (19450509), i.e. in YYYYMMDD format. Inside these can be placed files and folders in the game's standard format (for example: data\Menu\de_menu.txt). The Flotilla and U-boat folders work in a similar way, but instead of dates, these folders have folders named for the Flotillas or U-boats used in the game. Mod-makers can simply place files that relate to a specific date, Flotilla, or U-boat inside the relevant folders, and they will be inserted into the game appropriately.

SH3 Commander also extends Silent Hunter III by giving your Commander a true identity. SH3 Commander builds a full profile of your Commander, including date and place of birth, enlistment date, promotion dates, and other key attributes, which are all including in the Personnel File feature.

List of features (as at v2.1.0):

Automatically finds your Silent Hunter III installation, however, can be forced to use any Silent Hunter III installation through inclusion of /l switch;
For example, you can create shortcuts to SH3 Commander for each of your Silent Hunter III installations and append /l:"<alternate Silent Hunter III path in quotes>" to the shortcut target. Should SH3 Commander still not find a valid installation of Silent Hunter III, you will be prompted for it.
Original Silent Hunter III files are backed up for easy and speedy restoration by pressing the 'Rollback SH3' button;
Selected careers (new and existing) are set in Silent Hunter III prior to loading, thus providing integration with Silent Hunter III;
Further integration with Silent Hunter III by linking Date/Flotilla/U-Boat selection to that allowed by Silent Hunter III when starting a new career;
Ability to generate random Commander and crewman names in preparation for new careers, recognised by Silent Hunter III on loading;
Ability to start new careers in any month of any year that the game allows. Commanders using the latest Flotilla mod or RUb will be able to start careers all the way up to May 1945;
Options which provide
- a "realistic career length" (based on Beery's "roll of the dice" approach)
Checking this option automatically retires the Commander after a random number of patrols (based on the minimum and maximum number of patrols completed by historical commanders). If you use this, please be aware that the randomisation occurs every time you launch a career using SH3 Commander. So, if you like to tinker between patrols without actually starting a patrol, or you load SH3 Commander mid-patrol, be aware of this and uncheck the 'realistic career length' feature prior to pressing the 'Launch SH3!' button.
- realistic crew transfers; you may lose up to one crewman per patrol
- randomised or set days spent in base within Silent Hunter III
- any one of four different types of fatigue handling models to be used, with ability to add your own fatigue models
To add you own fatigue model, open up "Crew fatigue models.cfg", located in your SH3 Commander\Cfg folder. Copy one of the existing blocks of values and paste at the end of the file. Update the number of this new block (the value contained between []) to be the last number plus 1. Then change all the values accordingly. What you enter for "Desc" will be what is displayed as an option in SH3 Commander.
- ability to show or hide the "Hull Integrity %" text within Silent Hunter III
- ability to force (corrected) ranks, medals and badges to display in Silent Hunter III in English or German, regardless of in-game language setting
- ability to adjust deck gun reload times
- ability to adjust water density
Ability to change the next patrol grid within an existing career;
Ability to change the U-boat number within an existing career;
Ability to delete existing careers from the hard drive;
Ability to return Commanders from retirement;
For example, if you run SH3 Commander mid-patrol without unchecking the 'realistic career length' option and you are retired (which is not realistic), you can simply resurrect your career through this option.
Commanders have the ability to create a Personnel File for viewing (html format) and printing;
The Personnel File includes a full Commander profile, including details of the Commander's career prior to commencement of his first U-boat patrol. Where a Commander has been retired by SH3 Commander, details of his post campaign and post war career are also included. SH3 Commander uses the language preference stored in Silent Hunter III, meaning that the summary will print in English, German or French depending on the text language selected in Silent Hunter III. Like with Silent Hunter III, users can modify the language files to allow for the summary to be generated in any language required. A Personnel File can be generated for active, deceased and retired careers. The Personnel File also includes links to each individual patrol summary, U-boat Aces List and U-boat Crew Lists (provided that U-boat Crew Lists have been created prior to creating the Personnel File).
Ability to change Commander image within SH3 Commander;
Users can replace current images with their own. Provided they use the same file name and the image is in jpg format, their image will be included in the random generation. The image size should be the same to avoid stretch distortion. Users can also add new jpg images to the Images folder. There are no naming restrictions, apart from ensuring the file name does not include commas. These images will *not* be included in the random selection. To use these images, the user can simply double click on the current image and then choose the new image he wants to use.
Ranks, medals and qualifications are labelled in SH3 Commander using the same language preference as stored in Silent Hunter III;
A random folder feature - up to 5 similar sets of files can be included under the Random folder with one different set randomly copied across to Silent Hunter III every time a career is loaded. Useful for randomising skins. Further random folders can be added and will recognised by SH3 Commander should the user require them;
Dynamic inclusion of crewmen/commander names and birth places. The SH3Cmdr.ini file can be edited to include more names and places;
Note: SH3Cmdr.ini is not overwritten by newer versions. This is done on purpose in order to retain career details and user modifications. However, there is a bug in early versions where the birthplace 'Klein Stockheim' sometimes caused the place of birth to be listed as 'Klein'. This can be fixed manually by replacing the space between Klein and Stockheim with a dash, so it appears as 'Klein-Stockheim'.
A Crew Manager component. By selecting the "Go to Crew Manager" action, players can:
- promote and demote within type (ie Officers, Petty Officers and Sailors);
- change crewmen names;
- give and remove medals based on historic criteria;
- give and remove badges based on historic criteria;
- give, adjust and remove qualifications (3 for officers and senior petty officers, 1 for petty officers and 1 for sailors);
- create a crew list for viewing (html format) and printing.

The Crew Manager warns if certain conditions are met, such as a crewman receiving medals before they are historically available, or if a crewman might be entitled to specific medals or badges and allows a "one click" auto fix.

To use the Crew Manager, just select a crewman and click-and-drag medals, badges or qualifications; promote or demote by choosing from the ranks in the scroll list; or click on the RN button to randomize his name. Clicking 'Apply' saves the changes. You can also build a crew list, saving the details of your crew and their accomplishments to an html file.

Note that if you award medals using Crew Manager some medals may accumulate in the game that can't be awarded. Either ignore these, or make sure to award medals in the game before doing so in Crew Manager.

A common question raised through forums has been "will my Crew Manager changes be recognised within Silent Hunter III?". To answer this question:
-awarding *any* qualifications to officers impacts compartment efficiency as if they were awarded via Silent Hunter III;
-awarding the *first* qualification to a Chief Warrant Officer impacts compartment efficiency as if awarded via Silent Hunter III;
-awarding subsequent qualifications to a Chief Warrant Officer, whilst being recognised in Silent Hunter III, has no effect in Silent Hunter III;
-awarding a qualification to a Petty Officer impacts compartment efficiency as if awarded via Silent Hunter III;
-awarding a qualification to a seamen, whilst being recognised in Silent Hunter III, has no effect in Silent Hunter III;
-awarding the U-Boat War Badge has the same effect as if awarded via Silent Hunter III;
-awarding any other medal, whilst being recognised in Silent Hunter III, does not adjust resilience/morale/experience as it would if awarded via Silent Hunter III;
-promotion/demotion, whilst being recognised in Silent Hunter III, does not adjust resilience as it would if awarded via Silent Hunter III (although there is no demotion via Silent Hunter III);

So a lot of what you can do in the Crew Manager is recognised and effective in Silent Hunter III. It's really just the medals and some aspects of the qualifications that, despite being recognised in the game, are not effective in the game.

Now, whilst qualifications to seamen and extra qualifications to the Chief Warrant Officer are not effective in Silent Hunter III, they are still handy "markers". Also, I know of some people who believe that despite not being recognised towards compartment efficiency, Silent Hunter III tends to align these qualified seamen to their respective compartments, but I haven't tested that myself.

So, in summary, if you only want to award objects that mean something in Silent Hunter III, don't promote (or demote), don't award Iron Crosses, the German Cross or Knight's Crosses, and limit qualifications to 3 for officers and 1 for all Petty Officers (note I'm silent on wound badges and front clasps as I have never been in a position to test and compare either).
Check the accompanying JoneSoft.txt file for further version information.

Included Mods


This mod works via SH3 Commander to give the player:

Monthly news reports that appear when loading a patrol, and during the patrol.
A map of Europe and the Mediterranean which updates based on the progress of the war.
Historical radio broadcasts that appear at their correct dates. These play via the gramophone.
Correct availability dates for U-boats based on the historical date each flotilla received the boats.
A crush depth mod that gives players an increased crush depth for the Type VIIC/41 when they are using that boat in a campaign.
NewsMod maps and text by Beery.
German translations by Nico71.
U-boat losses source: 'Iron Coffins' by Herbert Werner.


New merchant ship paint schemes randomly generated: skins change to camouflaged schemes as the war progresses.

Merchant skins by Iambecomelife.


Seven new paint schemes: Three schemes for the Bismarck (the sea trials scheme which Bismarck used until March 1941; the Operation Rheinubung scheme which was used from March until May 1941; and the final scheme which was used when the Bismarck sailed into the Atlantic), two 1941 schemes for the Prinz Eugen and two schemes for the Tirpitz.

All schemes by Type941. Some additional tweaks by Syxx_Killer.


This mod is based on an analysis of merchant ships sunk, damaged or totalled from 3 Sept., 1939 thru the end of the war. The results are randomized to provide a variation in merchant tonnage during each patrol. The variations are limited in order to keep the merchant tonnage as close to historical accuracy as possible, within the limitations of the Silent Hunter III engine.

At this time, only the tonnage for tankers (small, T2, T3) and cargo ships (coastal, small, C2, C3) have been altered. When using the museum feature in Silent Hunter III you can get an idea of the new tonnage values for the different types of ships, but keep in mind the tonnage values will vary from month-to-month and year-to-year.

Random Tonnage Mod by Observer.


1939 flotilla names are included (1st Flotilla is named 'Weddigen', 2nd is 'Saltzwedel' and 7th is 'Wegener').
Fuel resupply strategy simulated from April 1942 until December 1943 by extending range of Type VIIC during this time period.
License Agreement, Copyright and Release Information

The following files are included in the SH3 Commander License Agreement, outlined in the accompanying JoneSoft.txt file.
-SH3Cmdr Help.html
-All files in the \Cfg sub-folder
-All files in the \Personnel Files sub-folder

Any questions relating to these files can be sent by email to JoneSoft.

All other files and included mods remain the copyright of their respective developers. More information on SH3 Commander and included mods can be found by searching the Subsim Silent Hunter III forums.

Try out other JoneSoft products, including the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler, at http://members.iinet.net.au/~jscones/software/products.html
Try out other Beery products, including Real U-Boat, at http://www.beerymod.com/sh3.htm

10-14-2005, 05:03 AM
Cool thanks, but thats annoying.

I cant start in a type II yet Topp started in one in that year. So the boats are wrong for flotillas. I wonder if I can just edit a text file to allow me to use a type two in later war as they did.

Pr0metheus 1962
10-14-2005, 08:26 AM
Originally posted by Dominicrigg:
...when i run just the commander exe it lets me choose the start date and base, but not the boat type. The boat choice is dulled out and i want to be able to use a type IIC as Topp started in one of these...

The game doesn't have a Type IIC. The standard game's Type IIs (A and D) are not a good substitute for a Type IIC. RUb's Type IIA actually simulates a Type IIB which is much closer to a Type IIC. So if you're running RUb with SH3 Commander you'll want to choose 1st Flotilla in July 1940 if you want to simulate Topp's career. It will assign you a Type IIA, but it's actually a Type IIB/C. Type in Topp's name in the name slot and you'll be all set.

10-14-2005, 10:53 AM
The game doesn't have a Type IIC. The standard game's Type IIs (A and D) are not a good substitute for a Type IIC.

Thanks i will try that http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

10-15-2005, 11:52 AM
Ok i got the thingy working, and its all good. I love the little bits of info as you start a mission. Nice touch.

One problem is my efforts to get the start career of eric topp i decided to use "the set time spent in base to" option to 100 days and start in 1939.

I was going to go out on 2 patrols, not sink anything and come back and hopefully forward the game to june 1940 with the time spent in dock but it doesnt actually move the time at all, in fact I ended up spending 0 days in port and coming straight back out. I guess i have done something wrong :/

Anyone got any clues of what i messed up?

Thanks for any help.