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started this one before some month or so..

F/L F.A.O. Gaze of 610 Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for 14 February, 1945:

"On 14/2/45 I was leading Wavey Black section of two aircraft on standing patrol over NIJMEGEN. At about 1630 hours I sighted an Arado 234 pulling up from attacking the CLEVE area. I dropped my tank and attempted to intercept but despite the fact that I cut the corner it pulled away easily at 7,000 ft. After this we continually chased Arados over this area. I fired at two without result. At about 1700 hours when it was apparent that the jets were diving down through the cloud which was from 9 - 11,000 ft. I climbed up through it, leaving Black 2 below, hoping to warn him when they dived. Then I did an orbit at 13,000 ft. to clear off the ice on the windscreen and sighted 3 M.E. 262's in Vic formation passing below me at cloud top level. I dived down behind them and closed in, crossing behind the formation and attacked the port aircraft which was lagging slightly. I could not see my sight properly as we were flying straight into the sun, but fired from dead astern, at a range of 350 yards, hitting it in the starboard jet with the second burst; at which the other 2 aircraft immediately dived into cloud. It pulled up slowly and turned to starboard and I fired obtaining more strikes on fuselage and jet which caught fire. The enemy rolled over on to its back and dived through cloud. I turned 180 and dived after it, calling on the R/T to warn my no.2; on breaking cloud I saw an aircraft hit the ground and explode about a mile ahead of me, at E.9859. I claim this M.E.262 destroyed. Black 2 also witnessed this explosion." *

I./KG 51, Me 262 A-2, WNr. 500064, 9K+CL, Fw. Hofmann Rudolf, KIA.

* - taken from www.spitfireperformance.com (http://www.spitfireperformance.com)

u can see the picture at ScreenshotPrints (http://www.screenshotprints.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=25&thread_id=2642)

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Great pic, niec work http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif Although I think 350 yards would be a bit farther back.

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It's my desk-top. Took a bit to get my 'EH-101 Merlin banking into a sunset' off but that did it.


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