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08-17-2011, 07:53 AM
I'm not the soprt of person who rushes out and spend 0-50 on a new game so I only just played this after buying it from the supermarket for 7.

This post is really being written in case any dev from Ubisoft reads this place.

First thing I noticed was the similarity to Thief, which I really liked about AC.

I'd have liked it there was a similar stealth factor with light and dark areas too.

The 'someone sees you' icon was pretty good, not quite as immersive as the light gem in Thief which was a bit more immersive.

I'd have like an icon that told you you were being grabbed since its very hard to watch out for that when you are watching 10 opponents to see when one of them swings at you.

Basic cognitive psychology: the human mind on average only tracks 3 to 5 things easily with 7 being very unusual, so watching 10 attackers you are just not gonna be able to watch them all for individual moves unless you slow the action down. Thus, grab indicator would be nice.

The UI was as annoyingly clunky as Thiefs, so that together with the same basic mechanics I figured both games were written by the same people.

Poor integration with Windows: alt tab did not work, ctrl alt delete to use the task manager as an intermmediary (more often to abort a stalled game - also happened occasionally in Thief), inability to set windowed or fullcreen mode and loss of the mouse cursor to the desktop when the game managed to get into a window. Irritating problems.

How many submenus do you need to get into the game? Load profile, continue last memory, continue last memory again. Quit game was even more annoying since you had three levels to go through and then it did not quit.

No user initiated save (if there was I never read the manual and never noticed an option) was frustrating given the occasional crash.

The default keys were painful to use at times, with thumb constantly over the spacebar and pink of the same hand trying to catch Shift to Evade Grab/Grapple. I didnt reconfigure because you kept getting new moves associated with new keys or the same key as you went along.

If you must write games that are controls compatible with console machines could you at least add a bit extra to allow PC users to get the benefit of their keyboard.

Ability to configure settings was generally below par probably because of downsizing to fit console specs.

The game itself was very very good in spite of the horrible key layout, occasional Windows probs and some glitchy ingame situations.

Cannot turn full pan because of walls and poor auto camera adjustment meant I spent a lot of time having to swivel the mouse frustratedly trying to see what was going on round a corner (more often outside roof garden) or what the enemy was doing in combat (this happened an awful lot). An automatic eye-in-the sky type view when camera swivel was being attempted and blocked by geometry would have been nice. I think a view inwards toward the character orthogonal to the blocking geometry would probably cover the basic of that.

I really liked the whole feel and idea of the game. The environment was gorgeous and very well laid out in way that led you rightinto the feel of the place and the feel that gave the game. Very very quick immersion on that and I was thoroughly enthralled.

The countryside was fine and riding the horse around was good fun. (Touch of work need on control there). I liked the stealth aspect as you moved around villages and towers and the tactical thinking needed when stealth was not possible.

Each of the three cities was immense. I completely loved the three different environments and the slightly different aggro levels the guards seemed to have (may have been my imagination kicking in a result of the great scenery and models).

Basic city exploration was a bit repetetive but that in way led me to feeling more 'skilled' at playing the character as I became more used to those and how to do them well.

Could not be assed with the flag collection at all. What a complete waste of time, on average 30-50% collected just running around doing stuff and taking some extra time out to go collect ones I saw way off to one side. IMO that would have been better as an easy average of 85-95%, which may have got me to finish some of them off. I'd have laid the flag out to be like conguest targets where you have a sort of mini fight to collect them.

If the flags affect the end game then I'm not impressed.

Generally combat was fast, furious and extremely intense. I loved this and often spent time later into the game just chain killing stuff to see how much I could handle. To me the combat action was the real core of the game and it was superb http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

The main assassination targets were mostly pretty good, thouh a couple were too easily completed with just hack and slash. I had a great time killing William in Acre castle, clearing it out bit by bit to get a clear path in and out.

I'd have liked to see the Informer objectives have more impact on the final assassination in those places where the storyline implied that maybe they did. Maybe they did and it just didnt tell me. A couple of small serial investigations would have been fun.

Initially I thought the Animus room was a neat idea, sort of encouraging players to take a break to have something to eat and to get a sleep.

Managed to click the bed by mistake while I was looking around for other things to click when I had just got the access code so I suspect that may have cut something important out of the game.

At the end(?) though, I felt a pretty intense let down when the old guy and the girl said they would be back soon enough and did not return.

It made me feel pretty depressed that such an exciting game left me at the end with this really barren of a room very like real life with only that left of the game.

Finishing a game is always a bit deflating but at least you get to remember the escapist enjoyment untainted by a harsh and bleak potrayal that is very much like real life.

Overall, excellent game that I seriously enjoyed playing and got totally absorbed in for the last 42 hours.