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I scanned this for y'all.

I know it's not very straight but i was watchng the latest bourne so shut up :P

here are the links

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Hey, guess what?
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Just finished reading.
OMG! I haven't been more excited about this game than I am now. It's great they went into detail on the climbing mechanics. And The writer said that you have to climb around things to find more footholds on certain buildings if you want to keep going, I like that, realistic, and adds a nice puzzle element.

And HAHA! Just got the Bourne reference joke, touche'.

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i luv the coment about the born movie 3, really tha cam gave me a headache.
great pics

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can u type it up please i cant really see it that much.

if u cant thanks anyways.

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The term "intuitive" gets bandied around a good deal when it comes to game controls, with everything new being either praised for condemned for the player's ability to to pick up and play the game instantly, as though that is the only yardstick for intuition - an instant knowledge rather than a fast learning curve. From our hands on time with Assassin's Creed at the Leipzig Game Convention we can tell you that the controls of the game aren't immediately intuitive. They take a while to get used to and a fair amount of experimentation to master. That's not to say the controls are bad - they're not. The controls are brilliant. It's just they are different, in both game terminology and setup.
Each of the buttons on the face of the controller controls a different part of Altair's body. The Y (or Triangle for Ps3ers) button controls his head, the X(Square) his weapon arm, B(Circle) his free hand and A(X) his lower body. Sounds simple, but each of these buttons can be modified by what you are doing at the time, if you are holding more than one button down and by holding the right trigger(R2). The right trigger modifies all actions from being "low profile" - the kind of actions that don't arouse undue suspicion from guards - and "high profile" - the kind of action that...well...you get the idea.

"Low profile" abilities are fairly commonplace movements, such as walking slowly and blending into the crowd or using Altair's free hand to gently push people out of the way without hurting them. Of course theres no real low profile way to swing around a sword or punch some poor bugger in the face. "High profile" abilities, as you have already worked out on your own, are the exact opposite. Use your free hand in "high profile" and you'll viciously shove someone out of the way. Hold the A (X) button and you'll sprint. Combine A (X) and B (O)and you'll charge along like a demented football player, barging people out of the way. "High profile" kills are not necessarily deadlier but they are far more brutal. Instead of sneaking up behind someone almost quietly (people have a habit of making a but of a fuss when you try to puncture them with something sharp), high profile kills are big flashy and also quite intimidating, often sending NPCs running away in terror.
The most important factor of high profile movement is free running. When moving in high profile, hitting the A (X) button will cause Altair to jump, and, if there's something close enough to grab onto he will start to clamber up surfaces. It does take a while to get used to the fact that once on a wall the player doesn't need to press buttons continuously or hold them down to keep climbing - once on a surface the controls are smart enough to keep you moving in the same fashion. Climbing is a simple matter of moving Altair with the left thumbstick, maneuvering him around to find the next handhold .
The climbing animations are especially impressive, as Altair realistically repositions his hands and feet to get the best purchase. None of the animations are pre-rendered so climbing the same building twice could lead to radically different paths and climbing animations.
The fact that you don't constantly have to press buttons or be on your toes when it comes to climbing may sound a little dull but with practice it's anything but. During our brief time with the game we climbing the highest building we could find, skirting around all the spires, looking for new paths upwards (sometimes something of a puzzle) and enjoyed the ever-increasing view of the city far below.
Although high profile moves are both fun and incredibly well animated, they do have a nasty habit of alerting patrolling guards to the fact there maybe something amiss. If Altair's heat becomes too high, as shown by a health/suspicion bar on the HUD, the crafty Assassin has a number of ways to evade capture and hide out until suspicion passes. Sitting on a bench in amongst normal citizens will sometimes do the trick, as will walking slowly, pretending to be a scholar or monk, but often Altair will have to resort to more extreme measures to lose his pursuers. If the player chooses to remain at street level they can hide out in haystacks until they guards give up on their pursuit. If they head to the rooftops, players can hide out in rooftop gardens. Aside from lowering Altair's profile, hiding out has the additional benefit of replenishing the assassins health.

The HUD in Assassin's Creed is odd, to say the least definitely hinting as they yet mysterious science fiction elements alluded to in various game demos and trailers we've seen. Very anachronistic in appearance, the HUD features a button map in the top right hand corner showing what each of the buttons does in high or low profile and a health bar surrounded by a DNA style helix that also includes a suspicion meter showing how much attention guards are paying to Altair's movement.

Climbing isn't a purely aesthetic pastime in Assassin's Creed. Not only is touring the rooftops useful for keeping yourself away from the eyes of the general populace, the highest rooftops are also necessary for Altair to use his Eagle Vision ability - one of his most useful when planning an assassination. The Eagle Vision ability enables Altair to scan the area, highlighting the NPC according to their purpose, so he can see who is an enemy, who is neutral and who is useful, having either info or equipment.
Although we don't know the real purpose of the move until we get our hands on the final review code, getting up nice and high also enables Altair to pull off his spectacular "Leap of Faith" move - as long as there is a pile of hay somewhere below. When taking the leap, Altair swan dives from his vantage point twisting at the last minute to land back first on the pile of straw. Whilst this is the fastest way to descend from a high vantage point we're assuming that other uses for the move will become clearer when we actually get to play through the game.

Writing this, i realise, who ever wrote this is **** at english, or their editor is.

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thank you

quick question it shows its for the xbox360 and the ps3

what about the pc why no reffrense?

10-03-2007, 06:44 AM
Maybe because the PC version wasn't there?

That could be a clue my friend.

By the way, I added all the Xs and Squares, it's just a bit of brain power people.

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Thanks Thumper ^^ Could you get bigger versions of the pictures, please?

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Best i can do for the pictures Moqqy, had a ***** of a time getting the pages in the scanner. Sorry mate.

Second page top right corner is Masayef, the stronghold.

The one below it is Monferat talking to what looks like Richard the Lionheart.

Bottom left one is Altair talking to Amu Ah Lim or whatever his name is.

Last one is the beloved leap.

No worries btw stix, I am a ps3 user :P

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Last Paragrap http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

2007 is truly becoming a fine year for gaming. Every month it seems as through another game comes around that is destined to be a classic - so far we've had much brilliant games as Twilight Princes, God of War II, Bioshock, The Darkness and more - we can't wait to receive review code for Assasin's Creed to see if it lives up to our expectations and joins that list of truly brilliant creations

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Originally posted by lnhumancode:
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jeez thumper did u type that out yourself or did u kinda copy & paste cos its a lot of writing

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ohh and what magazine is it?

sorry for double posting

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Thanks very much, but I'm afraid your effort's gone to nothing. Magazine scan posts are generally deleted :\

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"You must destroy all the Horcuxes, Harry" that caption made me giggle... >_> That's Sinan isn't it?

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Thanks Thumper!


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"Sitting on a bench in amongst normal citizens will sometimes do the trick"

LOL! I haven't heard that one, yet. Nice.

And i'm afraid Phreaky is right, you may want to save that typed up version of it in the case it gets deleted or even better, edit your first post and just put the typed up version in there so that the topic isn't deleted.

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Thanks for the heads up dudes.