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http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_confused.gif Hello fellow U-boat commanders. I am unable to remove the torpedoes that are stored in the reserve deck storage and load them into the torpedo rooms. The manual does not address this. I have tried to do this according to the procedure from a real U-boat: on a calm sea, engines stopped, crew at stations. I pressed the "I" key to the weapon management screen and I tried to drag the stored torpedoes with my mouse to the torpedo rooms and they would not move from their storage place, but will return to the deck storage. Is there a way to remove them from the deck to the torpedo rooms? Thank you for your help.

08-06-2007, 07:48 PM
1. I think you're in the wrong forum, this is about SHIV (American Submarines) and not SH3 (German U-Boats).

2. Dragging the torpedo from the deck storage to the torpedo rooms, as you did, is the only way I know to load them. Dunno why the game doesn't allow you to do it.

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We don't have no stinking externally stored torpedo's here!

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Uboatbeast - I'll move this thread over to the SH3 forum where it will get the attention it needs http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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Originally posted by uboatbeast:
I have tried to do this according to the procedure from a real U-boat: on a calm sea, engines stopped, crew at stations.

That's good seamanship, in SH3 the effects of sea/weather conditions and boat movement don't have any effect on loading torpedoes from external (or internal) reserves. The factors which affect loading are:

- Have you got enough manpower in the torpedo room? Filling the room with crew is sometimes not enough, you have to ensure the men you place in the room are not too tired and preferable have torpedo specialism (try putting an office or some petty officers in too). The performance bar above the torpedo room on the F7 screen should be as full as you can get it (try for at least 50%)

- The most common mistake is to leave 'Silent running' switched on (toggled on/off with the 'Z' key). Crew won't load torps if the silent running is on. The problem is that the game doesn't give you a message to tell you that's why they're not loading...

Originally posted by uboatbeast:
I pressed the "I" key to the weapon management screen and I tried to drag the stored torpedoes with my mouse to the torpedo rooms...

That's the correct way to do it. Make sure you drag the torpedo to an empty slot in the internal torpedo storage. Unless my memory fails me, you can't drag from an external reserve straight to a torpedo tube slot.

Let us know how you get on... Good luck!

08-07-2007, 05:46 PM
Even with all the correct settings, it can APPEAR to be not working - depending if you're on "real-time".... Either give it a chance (and you'll see the torpedo very gradually turning black) or whack up the Time Compression and they will move very swiftly to their racks.

08-08-2007, 10:59 AM
The other thing to consider is that you must move the torpedo from an external storage area to a spare reserve slot inside the U-boat, NOT directly to a tube slot. It's a two-stage process: get it into the boat first, then move it into a tube.

In real life, a torpedo stored externally would be taken into a working area inside the U-boat and checked over before loading it into a tube. Over the course of a voyage, an externally stored torpedo would be subject to more external forces than an internally stored one, especially if the U-boat had been attacked by depth charges. If it were a steam propelled torpedo, it would need to have its air flask charged with compressed air. If it were an electrically propelled torpedo, its battery would require maintenance and charging. The gyroscopes and linkage would also require attention.

As mentioned above, the game does not realistically depict the moving of external reserve torpedoes into the hull of the U-boat. In real life, this process took some time, which involved the U-boat stopping on the surface and the crew rigging a winching system into place. They then affixed spare flotation vests to the body of the torpedo, in order to give it more buoyancy. Wouldn't want it to break loose and sink to Davy Jones' Locker. Getting it into the boat required manipulating it at a certain down angle, held up by the winch and guided into a chute. Remember, all of this had to be done on a relatively calm sea. Because of the time required to dismantle everything, it was risky to do this in an area of heavy air or naval patrols. The U-boat would be vulnerable to a surprise air attack, so this was done only when the Captain thought it safe to do so.

Because the game does not simulate these conditions, I simulate them myself with my own self limiting rules. For me, this means I must be stopped on the surface, the seas must be calm, and the torpedo is considered "lost" if I am attacked whilst transferring it. It is not lost in the game, I just make a mental honour note not to use that torpedo. It also means I must allow several hours before I use it, to simulate the time it would take the crew to maintain and prep the torpedo after its time in external storage. Remember, in real life, the crew would pull torpedoes from the tubes from time to time, to perform routine maintenance and inspections. This is no less true of an external reserve, except they can't do this until it is moved into the boat. Thus, I require of myself a number of hours after it has been transferred to simulate this.

Call me daft, if you wish, but I attempt to simulate real life U-boat conditions as much as possible in the absence of these in the game. I tinker with the storm settings in the U-boat's config file, so that in theory I could man the guns in a raging gale. I don't use this as an exploit, but simply to give me a bit more leeway. My personal rule is that if the deck gun is not awash, it can still be manned.

There are also "gamey" exploits that can be taken advantage of, which would not have been possible in real life. I also avoid using these exploits. In the game, you can win a gunnery duel with a destroyer, in real life it would have been suicidal. You can also exploit a flaw in the game's spotting mechanism to have super vision in fog, and lock your TDC or UZO onto a target when using auto-targeting. Whenever I encounter a flaw or an exploit, I compare it to my understanding of real life U-boat operations and play accordingly. I'm not so much interested in winning a game as I am in simulating the grind of the Battle of the Atlantic and life aboard a U-boat.