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01-06-2011, 12:14 PM
Well I understand the company wants money for their game, and hate seing that the game gets copied miljon times over and over...

Their solution was the DRM, now the compensation is an online confermation evertime you bootup the game. I tried to find an solution for us all, and this is what I came up with, don't know anything like it before.

step 1, go buy the game you want. Within it there is a cdkey (as allways).
Step 2, Link this cdkey to an email, inorder to make it more secure and easier to fix possible problems that might come with this link, you will give out as much info about you. The more the better since if you might come into that seat where you lost your cdkey or email, one call can fix it all. By putting your country you will have a specific IP, and this IP will be checked when you activate your offline mode. Offline mode lasts for X amount of time, two weeks or 4 weeks or 3 months.
By linking the cdkey to your email you will begiven an extra key, this key will only and only work with your current cdkey.
You will be carrying two cdkeys now, One for the online mode, and another one that you can use to activate the offline mode.
Step 3, install with your onlinemode cdkey, now when you start the game it will require the internet. At the main menu there will be an "offline activation" press it and put in the offline key. Now the two keys will get compared online and check that they "coexist". Now if they do (which they should, onless we attempted to download a copy) this shall activate the offline mode, and you will no longer need internet, untill the day your computer crashes or any other file related problem.

Im not much of a programer, though I love to try and solve problems. Tell me what you think and maybe what problems might come from it. Basically this "solution" needs two cdkeys, one in the box and on at the main center of the game makers. So that they know that our game is not a copy but instead a genuin.

Now that I think about it, what if "Dennis" buys the game and follows all the steps, now that the game is "offlineable". Now what if he puts thies two cdkeys online for the piratecrew to share for everyone... what now?

No matter what there will always be an solution to everything, for the good and bad...

What do you think, its complicated, but at the same time its a possible solution for the folks that does not have internet, I do have internet so DRM does not desturb me (right now). But who knows I might come into the seat where I will get sad, sad, vary sad for not being able to come with an solution =(.