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05-02-2010, 08:15 PM
I've been experimenting some more with both traditional and humorous ways of combat. Here's some I've found enjoyable.

Using a fishing pole against a spear Brute. Funny how you can wear down even one of the tougher enemies in the game with a simple fishing pole, then kill him with it.

Using the spear retrieved from the spear brute on a non armored guard, picking up his body after spear is stuck in it, retrieving the spear again which then drops out, then using it on a full armor brute and finishing with the broken spear counter whereby the brute cuts the spear in two with his sword, and Ezio jabs each half of the spear in the brute, classic.

Running around with a broom and Auditore cape on and taking on all guards that come after you. This has to be one of the craziest tactics. They made the thing as powerful as a war hammer, literally. You can even kill a full armor Brute with it. I find it hilarious when some guards see Ezio coming with broom in hand and say, "Hmmm, he looks well armed". LOL

Fleeing to a rooftop near an archer on a roof across the street then lining yourself up when fighting the guards that come so that they take the archer's arrows.

Broom killing thieves. I know they're unarmed and defenseless, despite threatening to kill you if you come closer, but there's something funny about seeing Ezio jab the broom bristles in their gut then whack em on the head. Strangely enough, this will only leave a thief squirming in pain, yet one whack from a broom to a Beat em Up target kills them instantly.

Riding a horse into a group of guards, knocking them down like bowling pins, them luring them toward the back end of the horse whilst fighting. The horse often gives them a nasty kick.

On missions where the target is on a ship, finish off all but the brutes, then climb a mast, watch them lament losing track of you, then air assassinate their sorry arses.

Dive into water while fleeing, then tread water just out of reach of the guards and watch the dummies jump in and drown.

OK, your turn, share your AC 2 combat tactics.

05-02-2010, 10:24 PM
Disarm the brutes while there's brooms on the ground. when they lose their weapon they'll find and pick up something else to use. When that something else is a broom, It just looks too funny.

05-03-2010, 03:44 AM
Group of four guards.

Poison the ones at either side of the group.

Smoke bomb.

When the smoke clears, they're usually all dead.

Not the funniest, but an enjoyable tactic nonetheless.

If I have someone watching and want them to see how awesome Ezio is, I'll walk into the same group of four guards, and double assassinate the two on one side, then the other, leaving all dead and Ezio already walking away before the first one hits the ground.