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02-09-2005, 07:48 PM
i know you must move on, I know you can no longer spend the time to add more planes, I know the code must remain encrypted... but...

if you allow us the map making tools and the object making tools - or build in a module that allows this we could make our own maps, and WITHOUT having to tie into the FM our own objects, we could extend the enjoyment of your game and still stay true to your vision. what say you, sir?

i for one could live with the current or near future plane set if i could only build my own theater maps and add in more things to blow up/attack

02-09-2005, 08:23 PM
good post, I think they should provide the source to a group of individuals with contract on not leaking the source so the development of fb aep pf can continue both pay and free additions.

gibbage jippo luthier ianboys haddock and others to make the game have a longer playlife even after BOB is out.

02-09-2005, 11:17 PM
Even though Ian has the mapping tool the map itself still needs a few hours of work from Maddox Games - namely fixing bugs the mapping tool cannot get rid of, integration into the game code etc. It's just not as easy as it sounds, folks.

02-10-2005, 12:27 AM
What they can do easily is make flat "island" terrain to place not only in FMB but any coordinate in the mission text file.

Simple geometry:: Circle and Square.

The islands just need the current Pacific island map textures...volcanic brown (Iwo), coral white (Wake), basic FB green (Guadacanal open terraine), etc...

Size should be, in circular radius or square side...1km, 4km, 10km, 40km, 100km.

Visibility must be up to 20km or more (in clear weather). The little Gibralter Rocks (Object #10) is not visible beyond 5km, and they are too high framerate killers when combined in large numbers, say 20 of them. These have too much geometry to build up large islands.

~~> flat....100% flat. Should be raised just a bit above the water, a meter or so, so the island grafix don't conflict with the water grafix.

No Roads
No Palm Trees
No Rivers
No Beaches
No Elevation (pure flat)
No Building Objects
No Airfields (use static test runways)

These are not part of the map, but just placeable flat objects that don't even need collision coding, although it would be nice to crash land on them without sinking into the water. If not so be it.

This way, we can begin to build up an "Entire Pacific" map for the community.

The best reason for this is the 1 map 1 island system does not allow island hopping to be developed for a campaign. For Navy, sure you have carriers, but for Army and land based Navy, you need to take off from an island and fly to another island far away to bomb/escort, then fly home. Island hopping is much needed also for a Rufe seaplane fighter campaign.

02-10-2005, 01:14 AM
csThor is correct...

Do we forget that there are small changes to FM based on the map itself? Air density, temperature, etc.?

Thus, just making a map is only 1/2 of the ordeal needed to connect it to the game. So people with the map tool, but lacking the ability to code it into the game is really useless.

And since the game code will never be opened to the public, you can bet that 3rd party maps will never make it into the game.

OK, so what is folks listed above were allowed to have the game code? I am sure there would be some sort of contractual arrangement that would have to be made by 1C and that person(s) due to trade secrets, etc.

It is a good idea, until you start to really examine the depth of the suggestion.

02-10-2005, 07:45 AM
...and what if this is one of BOB's upcoming features? In that case 1C most definitely won't make any of the existing tools available to anyone in any form - could affect BOB's sales later y'see...

02-10-2005, 05:45 PM
i hear what you say... i accept that it's difficult... but of ALL the things in IL2, maps and static objects and ships that move at slow speed in essentially only two dimensions would be the easiest to implement on a modular way WITHOUT having to code the FM - in point of fact if we could create say a YAMAMOTO or WASHINGTON and assign it the movement model of an existing ship that would help €"

Another example is if you took a cargo ship and could assign a new wire frame to it then change the explosion factor at the cost of one movement model, running a standard 12 knots you could have a cargo ship, an oil tanker, an ammo ship, and an avgas carrier without changing ANYTHING and yet one sinks, one sinks and starts a big fire, one explodes and one explodes and takes two or three with it. Same with a BB at the time and cost of creating one or two more models you could create many BBs most had similar characteristics, with only a few GRAND differences.

As for the maps it could be modularized so that one could create it and if they let it plug-in you could have a go at it. Who hasn€t played with micro$ofts terrain editors in age of whatever €" you€d need a way to plugin but that€s all €" build in an unencrypted port the maps can access €" a little work but it€d allow a WORLD of expansion €" I€m sure it was considered in the beginning and discarded as unsecure or something, but now that IL2 is being let out to pasture, doing this would keeps lots of us busy and happy.

02-12-2005, 07:17 AM
Another thought of a way to ADD to the game without much programming/time investment - allow different loadouts - if we could put a torpedo onto a gladiator we could attack the Bismark (tirpitz) or for those that want big bangs the 5000kg bomb from the pe8 on the b-29

02-13-2005, 06:26 AM
Modular means partially open. And I'd place my bet on a snowflake in hell rather than on Maddox Games leaving any part of their code open. It's their design decision (and one I agree with).

02-13-2005, 09:12 AM
Keep in mind that at some point, Oleg will stop supporting PF/IL-2 because he wants it to die. This is a business decision. I think it is highly unlikely they will ever open up the code to anyone. I wouldn't if I was Oleg. Keeping PF/IL-2 alive is not in his best interest once BoB hits the store shelves. A third party keeping PF/IL-2 alive even without any support from Oleg will hurt sales of BoB.

If they do turn over PF/IL-2 to a third party (I hope they do); I think we can expect Oleg to only allow that third party to work on PF/IL-2 for a specified period of time. Something along the lines of no more PF/IL-2 updates within three months of the ecpected release date of BoB.