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01-27-2010, 02:36 PM
** Spoiler Alert **

Here's my idea for the story line for...
Assassin's Creed III

(I'm a software developer and aspiring fiction writer/novelist. I hope you enjoy my suggestion for the story approach to Assassin's Creed 3.)

We know, from the ending sequence of Assassin's Creed 2, that Minerva told Desmond (through Etzio's memory) to find the other temples in order to pretty much stop the destruction of the human race by the sun. And we know, from the messages and clues left behind from Subject 16, that the Templars/Abstergo are planning on launching a satellite with a Piece of Eden into orbit, to brainwash the planet, on December 21, 2012. In the current timeline, as of the end of Assassin's Creed 2, that its September 2012.

Therefore, it comes down to two major tasks: stop Abstergo from launching this satellite, and more importantly, follow Minerva's quest to find the other temples and stop the sun from destroying the human race.

As of the end of Assassin's Creed 2, Desmond has the Assassin abilities of Eagle Vision, mad free-running skills, training in the use of the hidden blade, and a subtle touch of the bleed through effect from the Animus that allowed him to see Altair give rise to progeny, without actually being in the Animus. (Keep in mind, that the bleed through effect's intensity eventually drove Subject 16 to the point where he exhibited schitophrenic behavior.

[Now let's look at Assassin's Creed 3]
Desmond get's the idea that the Eagle Vision map on the codex pages (from Etzio's memory), marks the locations of the other temples that Minerva mentioned. Ultimately, Desmond must find the temples, sneak in, find the hidden secret chamber, and activate a device. When all the temple devices have been brought online, the final temple vault has a switch which activates the technologically advanced devices as a whole, and emits a beam that in unison projects a barrier around the planet which will protect the planet surface, and its populace, from a devastating solar flare. However, the final temple vault can only be unlocked by using all three of the first three Pieces of Eden. And here's the twist: the final temple vault does not exist, at least not physically. Here's the thing, Desmond, being the prophet, has a deeper ability triggered through the mastery and control of the bleed through effect from the Animus. Using this mastery, Desmond can find the final temple vault in an eitherial plane of memory (but there is the possibility that someone else has also discovered this memoral plane and may be there guarding it, someone like Altair, who spent so much of his life in connection with the Piece of Eden).

So let's get on with some game mechanics. This time around, Desmond has two different missions, which he can tackle, each one progressive step at a time, in any order: Finding the hidden temples in the current timeline (2012), and looking through Desmond's ancestoral memories for a key to the current location of historical artefacts of the first three Pieces of Eden. [Desmond can bounce back and forth between Animus missions, and current time world missions, in order to progress through Assassin's Creed 3.] The key to the location of the Pieces of Eden will be discovered through an ancestor of Desmond's who lived in Japan in the Feudal era in the late 1200's. This ancestor will be an Assassin who was also a Samurai pitted in a political struggle against a corrupt Diamyo. This Samurai was the leader of his village, and would eventually build up to a story point where the only alternative is to Assassinate the Diamyo. But through this plot line, the Samurai would discover the hidden temple in Yonaguni, Japan. Here's the cool part: whether by memory control through the Animus, or in real-time in real-life, Desmond can activate the controls in the hidden temples around the world. All the temple controls must be on before Desmond can activate the device through his memoral plane shifting bleed through.

As Desmond re-lives the Samurai's memories and progress through the hidden temples, more of the Animus bleed through effect occurs. At first Desmond just chalks it up to how much time he's spending on this quest and lack of sleep, but then he begins to question his sanety. Desmond decides he should spend more time in reality, and that he'll come back to the Samurai sequences later, after more temples have been activated.

By the way, the temples should include a remote island East of South America in an Aztec/Mayan pyramid in South America, the catacombs underneath the monuments in Washington DC, a hidden crypt under the Great Wall of China. Other locations on the codex maps include a separate eastern South American/Mexico island, perhaps somewhere around the island of Britain (maybe under the English parlament and Big Ben), somewhere in the middle of Siberia, and the remote island of Yonaguni, and estern central Africa (perhaps a remote mountain monestary).

Ok, so back to Desmond's bleed through effect. As Desmond makes it deeper into temples, the bleed through effect continues to occur and intensify. Desmond slowly discovers that he has the ability to control what time period he exists in. But he is still grounded, or attached, to the physical location. Therefore, he discovers that he can temporally slide to another ancestoral time period, walk past the same patch of ground, and sneak right past a pair of Templar guards, and slide right back to reality. (This concept of temporal time sliding is how Desmond will eventually access the final hidden temple, but remember that all temporal sliding is always 3-dimensionally grounded, but 4th-dimensionally sliding... only in time, space is still constant.)

Eventually Desmond additionally discovers that in this temporal sliding, he can manifest abilities and weapons of his other ancestors. So instead of acquiring weapons as in ACII, Desmond now acquires temporal ancestoral abilities, and can upgrade them as he syncs with that particular ancestor through sliding:
Sniper Rifle from Lee Harvey Oswald (sniper mode enters a fixed standing/kneeling/prone position mode exclusively for aiming, where you control crosshairs, but this game will remain first and formost a slashing/assassin/sneaking game)
Hidden Pistol from John Wilkes Booth
Primary Hidden Blade from Altair
Secondary Hidden Blade from Etzio
Samurai Sword from the Samurai (ACIII)
Dagger from Jack the Ripper
various other blades/abilities...

So now we've got Animus bleed through effect temporal sliding abilities mixed into a world saving quest with real time elements and ancestral memory elements. Desmond is pitted against modern day Templars and historical Templars while anchored in his spacial quardanents. The bleed through effect and Desmond's temporal sliding always gets stronger the deeper he goes into hidden temples, so much so, that it appears that when Desmond does active a temple, he appears to activate them in the past.

This makes for a lot of fun and interestingly different game mechanics with a sprawling story line that can go in a lot of crazy-fun directions.

So what do you think?

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samurai?......<sigh> AC is about history defining moments of mankind... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/51.gif

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Solar flare? Samurai? I dunno, boss.. Perhaps not in Assassin's Creed.. But if you're an aspiring writer, I would look into creating a story based around your ideas.. It sounds really cool, but it doesn't really scream Assassin's Creed to me, personally..

Just my opinion! But honestly - Great story.. Keep with that! I'd buy the book :-)

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Thank you for your post. It really needs putting Here - AC3 and Beyond. (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5251069024/m/8251094497)

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