12-31-2011, 04:36 AM
I recently played the game and I found it charming as I love history and action games. However, when I read about Byzantine Empire I noticed a serious misconseption. It is mentioned that Byzantine Empire was ruled over by Greeks , Venetians and Macedonians... Macedonians and Greeks are not something differnt. You shouldn't have seperated them because Macedonians are Greeks. Nowadays Slavs residing in North-West of Macedonia claim themshelves to be the real Macedonians. If you imply that the Macedonian dynasty origins from Slavs, you are dead wrong... In fact a well-known emperor from the dynasty you mention in the game, Vasilios the 2nd(976-1025) fought against these tribes, so he couldn't have been a Slav!!!

It is an undeniable truth that Macedonia has always been a multicultural region. However you should not have seperated the Macedonian dynasty from the other greek dynasties as the overwhelming majority of people residing in Macedonia where speaking Greek and learning about the Greek culture...

12-31-2011, 05:42 AM
no you are making the same mistake as people who say Alexander the great was greek

12-31-2011, 08:56 AM
As a Greek myself, I have to agree at this. I was dissapointing on how the producers, wrote the scnario so that the Byzantin guys, were Templars. The byzantin empire, was one of the strongest of all. Paleologos, Komnenos, and many other names that are used in the game are all Greek and you can still find people with these names, in modern time. As about that post about the Great Alexander, all historican evidence prooves that he was Greek. I do not say that because I am Greek myself, I say it because even in the far east, regions conquerd by him, have Greek idioms or even whole words in Greek included in the language.

12-31-2011, 10:40 AM
Dear AntiChrist7 ,
Can you please recall who was the teacher of great Alexander;
Possibly from the history you have been taught you are not aware of him... Well he was Aristotele one of the greatest Greek philosophers of the ancient times... You may realise that G.Alexander has been taught the Greek values and morals ...
Secondly, as regards the origins of G.Alexander and Macedonians, Macedonians are ancestors of a Doric tribe seperated from the others who resided in southern Greece....
Historians say that Slavs(who claim themshelves Macedonians) appeared in the surface of Balkans centuries later... They have their own respectable culture and history and Greeks accept it. However it is an insult to their own culture and history to intentionally say that they come from the G. Alexander