View Full Version : 2012's title ***SPOILER***

11-20-2011, 06:06 AM
ok so after playing through all the creed games im totally in love with the series but i cant help but feel that if ubisoft go further than a new title next year, (where we will most likely see desmond save the world). it would be taking the series 1 game too far!. once we save the world from the solar flare and desmonds story is complete it would make complete sense to leave it there. unless of course its a WHOLE NEW setting, era and people maybe if there was newer titles after Desmond saves the world in 2012.. there could be little references to the previous games but i feel desmonds and all current story lines should end with 2012's title.. Altair and ezio's stories came to a nice fitting end in the revelations so i feel its only right ubisoft bring desmonds to a close in the next game.. im all for finding a new era to play in with a completely different overall objective but desmond along with altair and ezio needs to have his story closed UBISOFT LISTEN TO ME dont taint a great series by going 1 game TOO FAR!! just 1 more feturing desmond saving the world would be a PERFECT end to the current run of characters!