View Full Version : IL-2 Mission Log Reader: MLR. Anyone played with the yet

01-14-2008, 05:57 AM
MLR is awsome. the latest ver. is fantastic. and it has so much potential. and it does so much. but with html being all greek to me....i couldn't write the code for my own template if my life depeneded on it. Which brings me to here. Has anyone played with it enought o figure out how to make templates?

Wht i'd like to start doing maybe one night a week is hosting a few Coops. and to do it the way i'm thinking i'd like to use MLR.

how many times have you left a coop or a mission and thougth. ...."damn how many kills did i get? what where my stats. BUT wht i'd like to do is to post the MLR file to a web page for everyone to see after each coop.
not sure how to get it to do that with out manually posting to my web space & hotlinking it.

but heres some of my ideas. maybe you guys have some sugestions. i'm gomma pass all this along to Hawkynawa when i'm done. but before i do some one here smarter than i am with this stuff might have some better ideas.

I'd like for there to be an auto export and upload option. not sure if it can do that yet.

Also would like to add my own images to the temlate. Such as Squadron Regimentals. I know this can be done but have no idea how.

An idea i'd like an opinion on.
having MLR look in the Il-2/Paint Schemes/Regiemntals forder and locaiting the regimental file for each squadron that is selectible in the FMB and adding the img file to the template before it exports.

By each pilots name for each team...
or by each squadron name in the template
have an icon for that squadron apear. Much in the same way it does in the arming screen for coops & campains.

01-14-2008, 06:27 AM
This really is a great utility. The details it provides are just what our squad needed. We just recently started using it for our public squad coops. Its hands down the best log reader I have been able to find.


01-14-2008, 12:30 PM
I agree. and that's what i want to do with it. that and public coops i'm in or host.

but have you guys been able to do any customizing to it yet?