View Full Version : questions about monteriggioni

12-05-2010, 06:11 PM
COuld anyone answer these questions but give me just enough information to know what to do? (ie don't reveal any plot or further hidden secrets)

1 - I've collected all 5 artifacts.. But it seems the result of finding them all is that nothing happens (except that they show up on the rack to the left of the computer in the sanctuary)

2 - A mysterious stranger gives me the password to everyone elses email.. I thought there was supposed to be a kind of a "snooping" thing like in AC1 where you might snatch a flash drive without being seen to see the data on it etc etc. After beating the game (and revistiting monteriggioni between each sequence) I've never learned anything about whats going on except from the emails (in which there were only a couple of emails with real relevant storyline information, the rest seemed to be just chatter)

Without giving too much a way.. should I try to replay the game and do some more snooping? Or have I pretty much experienced everything there is to experience in monteriggioni?