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11-16-2011, 06:34 PM
Ok, i have been with this series from the start perfecting everygame until it came to ACB and multiplayer( thats what screwed me).

There have been many chagnes thruought the games that i have liked but there could have been alot of improvements to what they have done.

So here are my suggestions/requests.

Armor regards

<STRIKE>First main topic: WHERE DID EZIO's damn cape go? and why would he not wear one if he has in any other games Or even if the 'sin recruits hes training wear them. If ezio is higher rank than they are why does he wear less stuff? hes suposed to be the best of the best, the stuff of legends Yusuf and everybody hears about.</STRIKE> FOUND IT. i guess that the Azap armor is the only one without a mini-cape on your back/shoulder

They left the 'sin recruits with masks inplace from ACB(which gave u it at random). Now you can choose to turn it off/on along with the hood.
- What about just wearing a mask for the 'sins?
- Where is mask that Ezio could "possible" wear?
*It could be totally cosmetic,attached to his hood so he can slip it down everytime he enters conflict, Possibly another armor peice?
-Taking off even a SINGLE peice of armor.
*Have a spare armor stand to put the default on, and going no armor is a suggestion im hearing alot more now that the "assassin armor" is turning into actual armor rather than the leather and robes it used to be.
What about the outfits we wear in certain parts of the games like the Chest courier from ACB or this new "Jani" outfit from the Tarik mission? why cant we wear those again because honestly i would love to roam the streets as a guard and maybe even "if" it was armor that they would have bonuses like less damage/less noticing your actions and such so you could blend in with the guards/people easier(id still prefer it as another skin you can wear over top)

I know that the games have always included "God weapons" with max 5/5/5 for stats but what about having multiples of them. So far ACR has given us the; Mehmet's Dagger, Yusuf's Turkish Kijil and the almogavar axe.
Now what abour adding some in like having one for each class aswell as category?
-The almogavar is the OP axe, well what about the OP 2handed sword.
-In the medium weapons we have the Kijil which is the OP sword, where is the OP hammer and Mace just like the other weapons in the category.
Im one of those people who will not use something if it doesnt sit right with the game style or my preferances. im not going to run around with the OP Almogavar axe when you can barely hold it and really have no wear to carry it even though the game allows it, id rather walk around with an oversized OP bastard sword or a average sized OP warhammer rather than swords. If you have an OP of one type of weapon you may aswell have it for all of them. Daggers/swords/maces/war hammers/2H sword/2H axe and the latter

The tailors give you a few good choices(and a few bad)that could be chosen to dye the armor.
- What about more color options/combinations?
- what about a totally customizable option
*Bring out a color wheel where we can dye each part such as main armour, trim, The underarmor that ezio wears, even thread/stiching could be colored so we can wear what we want to. (Make it a standard fee OR you can make us pay for colors( like multiplayer options) where u pay for the color and can reuse it as many times as youd like.""you already gave us this option to return to the default color for free""

Gameplay Controls
My only suggestion right now for this topic is increase the targeting range with relation to what weapon your choosing. IMO a pistol should have more/less range than a crossbow, not equal and it also includes the throwing knives. There is no way a knife can travel as far as a crossbow bolt or even a bullet for that matter.

These are just some of my ideas and veiws about somethings. Yes i did borry/troll for some of this so it does include other peoples thoughts/additions.
If you want to comment with some things you think Ubi should add in a possible TU / Next AC game( we know theres one, ACR was just the ending to Ezio's story.) go right ahead and post. i might freely add them to this thread when i get the chances.

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