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07-11-2011, 02:49 AM
This game looks awesome so far. It is confirmed that it is an open world game inwhich it may be like Far Cry 2. But I personally got very bored of FC2; the missions were repeatitive,there were only two maps and not too much to explore, ie: temples, ruins. The scout camps would respawn everytime you turned around. I want FC3 to follow objectives like the first one but you can use any path or way to get there that you desire. Through a path or through rough terrain. Swimming; whatever possible.

There needs to be a editor much like the one from FC2 but a good add to it would be placing NPCs or AI units and animals to battle out. Being able to play this split screen, local or online with at least one other friend would make an awesome game. Think about it; while your friend sits on a hill top with a sniper, you sneak into the camp and take out the enemies you placed whilst building the map. Your friend helps snipe. You could drive armoured vehicles with someone on the gun. The list could keep going on. You should also be able to set paths for your NPCs, like send them a general path they should follow, even down to what guns they each spawn with. That would be great. Waterfalls should be added and more vehicles; I think FC2 had six or eight or something like that but it needs more; maybe sixteen or twenty for bigger player matches.

There is a list of great game modes that could be in the game. Predator needs to make a return. It is awesome working as a team to survive the predator with so much power. It is great for building maps to go with it too. People build barricades and objects to try to help them. They give them somewhere good to start with enough surplies to last them for a few minutes (possibly longer) and then after running short on ammuntition, are forced to go into the wilderness area with the surviving friendlies to seek ammo and resources. With that said, there should be hardcore game modes for each one. Where the HUD is dissables and players can take less damage before dieing. No it's not trying to be like COD; just for people that would like a greater challenge.
There should also be Capture the diamond varient. Somnething similar but changed a little. There should be the option to toss it to a team mate when it is in your possesion like in Far Cry Instincts. That was very handy and allowed for fast gameplay. There should also be a VIP game mode where one team has to get one team mate (the VIP) to a section of the map. The other team must do everything in there power to stop them. Possibly open gates, evade through camps and many things to get them as close to the area as possible. If the opposing team eliminates the VIP, round is over and it switches. The VIP should be a bit harder to kill then the others, so his appearance should show him with body armour and maybe he should carry a riot shield. (I'm not quite sure to be honest.)
I think FC3 could borrow some ideas from COD. Weapon skins, custom classes and attachments would all be good (in my opinion.) There should be jungle camoflauge, water camoflauge and a few others. I think even down to guile on the guns would be cool. Assault rifles should be able to have the following attachments; red dot sight, assault scope, silencer and grenade launcher. There should be a total of two attachments equiped at one time. Snipers should have assault scope, 12x scope (or less)double mag and silencer. Heavy weapons should have red dot sites and assault scopes. Something along those lines.

The mutants were only in FC1 and FC Instincts and I amoungst many people enjoyed them. Many on the other hand did not, I think that mutants and creatures added a lot to the game. Mainly the mutated monkeys; it added to the fear and crazyness to the whole game. It made me use more stealth and I found I would explore more when they were around and find alternative routes and wrecks etcetera. They added effect to the story too. Maybe if they came in later to the game and were rare to see or not too common because I will admit; if they were at every corner; yes they would get annoying - especially with their powerful attacks.

I think there should be buddies in the game but not like the FC2 ones. They shouldn't be rescue ready. Maybe just someone that occasionly accompanies you with certain parts or missions within the game. Attachments should be in the campaign which would give it a more Crysis type feel. They I presume will be purchased with the money looted from the bodies.

I think there should be lots of wildlife; birds, pigs, rats, frogs, dolphins and more. There should also be predators such as sharks; in the deeper waters (they will probably act as a boundary to stop players from wandering too far from the map), crocodiles, tigers, panthers, snakes, and not as a predator but maybe whales would be cool. With animals such as crocodiles that would most likely be in the rivers more than the ocean; there should be something you can do to fight back against them such as rapidly press a button until you push them away. Sharks on the other hand would be out deep; so if you go out that far, expect to die; theres nothing you can really do to survive their attacks. Dolphins, turtles, whales and other sea creatures would be just cool to find as you swim through. Dolphins would be in the more shallow areas of water, ten metres deep onwards. Sharks; where it is hard to see the bottom and whales the same. Snakes should make a hiss before attack; when you are close by and tigers and pathers can just be gunned down. I don't agree with a hunting game mode.

Survival Game Mode
It would be cool to have a survival game mode where you and three others, friends or random people could battle off mutants, soldiers and anything that comes across your path. It's not like Nazi Zombies or anything quite as rediculous; you simply are placed on one of the islands; there is no storyline although there may be objectives. You have the whole island to roam around. Use the jungle with your team, ambush, use the weapons you find. It sounds like a good idea to me. At any time a player can drop out and that player becomes AI controlled until another player joins the party.

Multiplayer Appearance
I think it should act like it did in FC Instincts. There are a few things you can customize such as balaclava, gas mask, hats, caps, armour, pockets, belts, beanies, scarves, knee pads, chest pads, back packs, radio (only for detail) face paints, hair colour and a few other things. Teams would be indicated because a they would have a red or blue sleeve. (Trust me, it was easy enough to identify.) The same thing should happen in survival modes except they can drop the coloured sleeves as you would all be on the same team.

These are some of the many ideas I have; if you disagree that is fine. Tell me what you think! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif