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06-16-2005, 09:47 AM
I would like to edit the FB/PF speech packs very slightly. Basically, I would like to cut and shorten certain parts of the each track so they are a liitle less `relax` and happen faster, especially for the action scenes.

Can someone explain how I would do this and/or what utilities I would need for this? Thanx in advance,

06-16-2005, 09:53 AM
From the IL2 Sturmovik 1.2ov readme file:

======= Version 1.2ov Changes =======

1. Notes on Using, Modifying and Replace the Voice Files and Radio Chatter Text Messages

After the installation of version 1.2ov, the sound files of radio chatter can be found in the €œSamples€ sub-folder in the game root folder (the folder IL-2 was installed to). The voice files for specific sides are located in the following sub-folders:

Samples -> Speech -> DE - Blue Side (German)
Samples -> Speech -> RU - Red Side (Russian)

The files of the corresponding HUD messages texts (subtitles lines) can be located in the €œi18n€ sub-folder. Those are:

I18n -> hud_msg.properties - Contains subtitles lines for English version
I18n -> hud_msg_fr.properties - Contains subtitles for French version
I18n -> hud_msg_de.properties - Contains subtitles for German version

All these text files are in UNICODE format. While the English version can easily be edited with Notepad, it may require a UNICODE-supporting text editor to write lines in other languages, specially when you€re intending to use umlauts, hieroglyphs, Cyrillic alphabet and so on. The edited file should be saved in TXT format. Please always remember that the left column of this text is the names of files and the right column is the messages that will be displayed on the screen simultaneously with the sounding the voice files, so do not change the left column.

2. Main Rules of Edition of Files and Texts:

1. Do not rename the files. The names must be kept original despite the changes of contents.
2. Do not change the left column of the text files €" it contains the file names for the program€s internal usage.
3. Do not change the meaning of the phrases in the subtitles. Otherwise, you€ll get a wrong working chatter generator, with rubbish or meaningless dialogs.
4. The sound files must be in the 11025 Hz, Mono, 16-bit format. To be used in IL-2 1.2ov they must be converted into Windows RIFF wave files (*.wav). The file data format must be MPEG-1 Layer 3 @ 20 kbps 11025 Hz Mono. This can be achieved using the appropriate sound editor, such as Sonic Foundry, SoundForge, Sonic Foundry Batch Converter, CoolEdit, e.t.c. It is up to you to decide which one to use, just be sure that the output format files meet the IL-2 requirements.

3. Radio Chatter Generator Rules

We provide a number of documents for every voice actor in the game in order to help you understand the system of phrase generation. However, we can€t list all the possible combinations of sound phrases due to enormous amount of them, so we put the explanation of basic rules and common samples of speech into each document. It is quite self-explanatory and very easy to understand.
The doc files may be found in the root directory of IL-2 (the folder the game was installed into) after the installation of this add-on. The file name is €œRadioChatter.zip€.

Please be aware that you change the contents of the files at your own risk. Please keep back-ups of both €œSamples€ and €œi18n€ somewhere on you hard disk in case some of your changes may go wrong.

06-16-2005, 10:45 AM
Blast. i forgot about this stuff in the Readme. Cheers.