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10-24-2007, 04:24 AM
Hi fellas! Nowdays I fly only the Jug, but I can't get the maximum out of it. I just can't go fast enough, to catch a 109 (Ok, noob, pwned, etc..) . I use forward trim during level chase, radiators closed, full throttle with water injection. I think my problem is in the prop pitch setting. I know it's like changeing gears on a car. The higher I am, or the faster I fly, the lower pp I should use, To dive faster, I set it to full coarse. But I don't know exactly when to "change gears"? Speed/ prop pitch settings? How to climb faster?
I might be a noob, but could someone please explain it to me so that I could get the maximum out of the P-47?
Thank you!

10-24-2007, 05:34 AM
Like car engines, every engine has a 'Power Band', where it's performance peaks. Not sure on every a/c but if you keep the revs at ~2400 -2600, you should be able to cruise indefinitely.
You'll play with your engine revs and pitch here, to 'max' it.

- So you can either max throttle and adjust pitch. You'll overheat and have to open radiator.
- 60-70% throttle and put more bite into the pitch, with radiator on lower settings.

Catching another plane can be difficult if they go into a shallow dive - just kiss them goodbye.

10-24-2007, 07:34 AM
<pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
Bf-109G10 SL 580 default
Bf-109G10* 7500 702 default
Bf-109G14 SL 576 default
Bf-109G14* 6000 672 default
Bf-109G2 SL 541 default
Bf-109G2* 7000 674 default
Bf-109G6AS SL 591 default
Bf-109G6AS* 6000 695 default
Bf-109K4 SL 587 default
Bf-109K4* 6700 736 default

P-47D22 SL 550 default
P-47D22* 9000 703 default
P-47D27 SL 578 default

Conclusion is clear........either fly high than 109 on lower/mid alts, or fight them on higher alts.
No CEM will help you if you fight them low/mid alt on equal terms because 109 is faster and a faster climber too.
You can try to use your superior dive speed..... just don't exaggerate with the dive angle.
Also.....you'll never reach max level speed if you use custom pp.