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11-26-2011, 06:41 PM
This is my personal review for Assassin's Creed Revelations, i've just finished the main story and want to share my thoughts with those who are considering buying or not the game.

Firstly i want to say that Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, for me, was the worst game in the franchise and that Assassin's Creed 1, thought worst then Assassin's Creed 2, is still the best game of the franchise.

I've played a pirated version with a useless crack so i did not play the desmond repressed memories.

Ezio's Story: It's obviously much more polished and less rushed then Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Thought it's not as long as Assassin's Creed 2, it's much more interesting and more meanfull. 9/10

Altair's Story: Lack in Information and Short. It's not short cuz each mission is too short, for what we do in the missions, the time is just perfect and well wasted. It's short cuz there are not enough missions, in some missions you'll hear references to things that you do not play that is what makes me sad the most. Those who read "The Secret Crusade" book will understand much better the Altair's Story. 8/10

Desmond's Story: This is what impressed me the most. I can't say anything or it won't be Spoiler Free. 9/10

End: I've read peoplay saying that the end was a sh!t, bla bla bla and that might be the main reason that i downloaded this game before i buy it. Do not hear them, for me it was the best end so far. 10/10

Ezio's Gameplay:
- Combat: It was improved. Guards feel less stupid now, there are guards that are not affected by the killstreak thought they can break it if you are fool. The main problem i have is how Ubisoft use the Archtypes, instead of using them to improve the Assassin's Creed 1 guards "AI", no, they use the Archtypes to use cheap workarround for the issues with the combat repetetiveness. Ac1 guards had chance to Deflect, Counter-Attack, Dodge, Grab, Taunt/Cough, RunAway etc, etc, etc that increansed with each guard level. AcR guards are still like in AcB, seekers always dodge you, spearmans and brutus always deflect you and you can't counter them, etc, etc... why can't they use the Archtypes to give more chance to dodge to seeksers instead of always dodge etc etc and make using a combo on brutus harder instead of just deflect and forbid combo?
And the slowmotion just sucks, give an option to activate/desactivate it next time plz -.-'' 7/10

- Stealth: Notoriety no longer affects this! There are neutral guards (orange) and templar guards (red), neutral guards will always act as if u had notoriety 0% and templar guards in 100%. In the roof there are only templar guards. Templars guards are only found, in the ground, if it's a disctrict controlled by templars. In restricted areas neutral guards also appears as red in the mini-map thought they are not templars.
Sadly, guards are still super smart and when u hide inside the yellow area after going arround a wall they instantly go to the crowd, haystack or wherever u are hidden without searching in other places. They should go to the near crowds or hidden places first (and search in 3-5 places before u stay icognito again and they go away). 8.5/10

- FreeRunning: When you read combat you wonder why i've not talked about the hookblade. Simple, i think hookblade was useless in combat. In stealth it was AWSOME! At start i had my doubts about the hookblade but ubisoft made it wout, it looks smoth and adds more interativity player-game when free-running. If you want to do X action press this button, otherwise u will act as if you were playing Ac2/B. I thought rooftops would be full of ziplines but not, they were usefull but not a must if you wanted to be fast. The sound is nice and not the dull sound we hear in the demo, i would be forced to put out my headset if they didn't change the sound, but they did. I also didn't like that you no longer need to press Grab button when you do the jump when scaling a wall up. 9.5/10

- Bombs: Ubisoft, can you tell me how can i do 300 different bombs? i only count 108 different bombs thought i didn't use them all. They were sometimes usefull. Ubisoft impressed me in this part, i thought it would be the worst addiction in this game. Sadly, they were just usefull very few sometimes. 7/10

- HUD: The marionette'shud is extremly ugly with the Throw hint in the Traingle/Y place. I've played in PC so i could keep E for eagle vision (I MUST STAND TO ACTIVATE IT? WTF?) and this is other thing i rage about, G is just ugly when i'm already use to see the E from brotherhood. I will use this post to suggest ubisoft to get back the Feet, Armed Arm, Free Hand and Head for the hud (and remove the bombs in Ac3 or search another key/button for throwable). I'm, as a pc user, hate to see the buttons in the top/right side instead of the funtions emblems and having the throwables where should be the head button.
On the other hand the health's bars are back, thought different then with altair but also better. And the map, for the map it's ok but for the radar the overview image sucks a bit. Take the example of mw3 in this part, when it's under anything it's shown in bright blue and when the walls are shown as dark blue.
As i'm not a fan of the throwables button, i liked that they kept the crossbow as main weapon so i could use the mouse to use it. 6/10

Altair's Gameplay: I won't split this in many things, firstly i want to say that i hated that altair was just a re-skin of ezio with some gadgets removed. I know that ubisoft had only 1 years to develope this game, but when they decide to include Altair they should think about including it well and not a fast re-skin. This also applies for the ammount of missions, personally i would love to play with altair between memory 2 and 3 to have a real fight with altair but then, with the ezio animations and umbalanced killstreaks it wouldn't enjoy it that much.
I liked that altair could now using the assassinating methods as a result of the lazyness of ubisoft. 7/10

Desmond's Gameplay: Beside the depressed memories that i've not played there is no real gameplay with desmond as in brotherhood. Not going to give it anything.

Brotherhood: 1 word: AWSOME. Finally i had a reason to use it. 1st: Help me figthing when there are too much janisseries (or other guards that deflect my normal attacks). 2nd: Help me killing the capitain of the remaining dens. 3rd: Ascend them to master assassin and do missions with them. 3rd: to see the story of them when recruiting. 4th: Expand the brotherhood all over europe. Thought i don't want it to back in Ac3, or not from the start or the way it's in revelations (i would love the game starting with you being recruited and finish with you ascending one assassin to level 15, in the same mission you kill the final bass), i will give this a 10 10/10

Cities: Disappointment... Capadoccia is even smaller then forli (just city)... Instabul is smaller then venecia and Masyaf is not availiable to free roam. On the other side Instabull was a beauty city, probably my fav in the franchise. 7/10

SoundTrack: Is there one? I'm so inmersed in the game that i don't care about it, maybe cuz it just fits any situation? Only musics i remember in this franchise is the Chase music of Ac1 and Ezio's Family. i'm not gonna give it anything.

Graphics: Another AWSOME! For being a game designed originally for console and then ported to PC the graphics are really good. High quality textures, huge deep field of view, awsome fog, etc etc... the only flaw is the Greek Fire and the main models...
1 - Greek Fire: When it starts firing it's ok but after 5 seconds the fire is all pixelated and AWFULL, hope this is a bug that ubisoft will fix with a patch.
2 - Models: Ezio's no longer ezio, altair's no longer altair and desmond's no longer desmond. Altair in the second sequence should be indentical to Ac1 altair... well, he should be but he's not. I would even think he was chinese instead of arabic. (and let's not talk about the new voice actor -.-). Desmond i'm not talking about he beeing unshaved... i'm talking about the shape of the head... or is he flat now? Maybe cuz he's been 16 hours/day sit down in the animus? and Ezio, i just doesn't feel it's ezio... only 3~5 years passed from AcB to AcR and ezio now looks much more older then just 5 years over his last appearence.
I also want to talk about the animations, firstly, as a pc gamer and fan of nvidia, i suggest ubisoft to include physics to the game... ezio's beard do not move as well as his hair when he's without hood... this is when i feel that the game is using outdated resources.
And then about the combat animations.... what tha hell does ezio showing off his skills? why can't he just try to kill guards and not show his skills? i'm not saying the animations are ugly, i just say they do not fit this game in my opinion. 8/10

-Story: 9/10
-Gameplay: 7/10
-Graphics: 8/10

Metascore: 8/10 - despite my metascore, i suggest fan of any assassin's creed's game buying it, really worth

I would also like to ask ubisoft to do a game Altair oriented after Ac3. Maybe you could even not include Desmond in the present or just make as if desmond do not get out of the animus... i would love to play the whole "The Secret Crusade" as a game... Maybe you could even include the events of Ac1 again with enhanced graphics and mechanics (but an improved ac1 combat and not crap AcB style one). I can't just imagine how cool would it be to have a game altair oriented again, in fact, i think altair's fan deserve it after seeing ezio borning, getting into the order, being an aprentice, being a leader, leaving brotherhood and dying.

Any questions before u decide buy or not, just ask http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

11-27-2011, 11:16 AM
Great review. Well written and overall just great.
I just gotta ask one thing:
Are you able to free roam as Alta´r or can you just play with him in some memories? I am pretty sure it is not possible. I just wanted someone to confirm ithttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

11-29-2011, 05:23 AM
every part is awesome 10/10
and this was fantastic. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

11-29-2011, 06:49 AM
altair sequences, linear and short - kill everyone n reach location in masyaf castle, end of gameplay. repeat in next sequence....

story of altair is not coherent, just get glipses of his life, but the ending connects all three protagonists pretty well, most emotional ending and best so far

i think in 1st altair sequence you can 'free roam' in masyaf vilage, but not outside this memory, n the sequence ends as you reach the castle, so you cant climb freely inside.
other sequences in masyaf castle, you follow a linear path or desyncronise

istanbul is nearly as large as rome, just without country side, though not so much variation in the landmarks, i think they reused large parts to create different architectures, several have identical domes?
city looks more natural, but not as beautiful and recognisable as rome. landmarks blend in too well? cant recognise where i'm going

capadocia is small, but special, feels completely different in free-running, visually satisfying for me

secret areas are a lot beautiful and EPIC, with more variety in thier looks, but also too linear, some of them just press forward, you'll reach the end, less dicovery value for players.
generaly, do not remember a single hidden collectible that you hv to use your brain to discover its location.....sad.
remember you need think how to reach a roman column or underground section to get the collectibles in brotherhood?
now they are just scattered on roofs n alleys.

soundtrack, either incomplete or old tracks given in collectible editions

script n character interaction superb, best so far, but general story is a bit pointless except near the ending. also, a certain character is found dead for no reason or explanation (not talkin 'bout lucy)

this game is a cash in..... but superb none the less

12-03-2011, 06:14 AM
Originally posted by JoachimKa:
Great review. Well written and overall just great.
I just gotta ask one thing:
Are you able to free roam as Alta´r or can you just play with him in some memories? I am pretty sure it is not possible. I just wanted someone to confirm ithttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

It's not posible to free roam as altair and i wouldn't like it either... i think having ezio free roaming in masyaf would have been better, mainly cuz Altair and Ezio mechanics are exatly the same and it would make no sense to make ezio freeroam as altair thought the seals.

@lucifero2114 i didn't care about the linearness of altair's missions, it had no assassinations so ofc it had to be linear just as ezio missions were. And they weren't short at all, for the missions it were they had the perfect length, however it's true there are only 5 missions with altair that is what p!sses me the most... i'm reading the secret cruzade and altair life is much more interesting then ezio's one http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

12-03-2011, 06:26 AM
Really great review, thank you!
You did make a mistake though, I think you meant Istanbul was smaller than rome rather than Venice. It IS smaller than Rome, but a lot of Rome was countryside, Istanbul was all city.