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03-03-2007, 05:39 PM
I have the first and original version of Il2 sturmovik WW2 combat flight simulator. It is not the forgotten battles or 1946 version but the first one that came out. It seems I read somewhere that you cannot download and use any new planes unless you are using those planes in online play. I want to use downloaded planes in NON online play. Is this possible? I realize I am a bit behind the times with this but I have been flying the CFS sims a long time and had this IL2 version for a long time but couldn't use it on my old pc because it would not work. Got a new pc and downloaded it and it works great on the new pc. Want to tweak it now and install planes from early ww2 days in china. Want to make a campaign showing nationalist chinese against early jap planes.

03-03-2007, 06:31 PM
No there are no mods for the IL-2 series. This helps protect online play. There will be changes to how this works in the new series so MODs will be allowed in a protected mode but that is not a feature of the current or the old IL-2 Sturmovik.

03-03-2007, 06:36 PM
Get the v1.2 patch for it and you have nice collection of planes cheap. Not as many as later
but still very nice set and it will fly well on what is now older PC.

Also do not try CEM (complex engine management) as that did not happen until FB.

The newer planes from FB onward have more complex models. Even the older planes have had to
have their models converted to run on some newer base releases and then changed with patches
later as there was not time to do so many things just so for the initial releases. That is
why I say it is the last patch that counts for any of the disks and v1.2 is the last for your
copy of IL2.

Now you know why?

Perhaps if your PC is not so great you stay with what you have until you upgrade that, no
insult there just I hope good advice! Play with the graphics and maybe you find a later
disc in the series then you get that or perhaps you are ready for IL2:1946 DVD already, I
don't know.
Limiting graphics can let you run at all on less PC but from experience online I can tell
you it sucks being trailed by someone outside limited visual range setting who can see you
fine and follow until you are on landing approach.

03-04-2007, 01:41 PM
Thanks very much Icefire and Maxguns for the info. So there is no way I can add nationalist chinese and early jap planes to my IL2 game. That is unfortunate.
I understand about mods causing problems in online games with people cheating. I went thru that with CFS1 and 2 online play. It would be nice though if IL2 would allow you to have mods for your own offline play and somehow then they wouldn't work on online play so you could still have whatever you wanted offline but only the stock planes in online play so no one could cheat. I really like the ability to record my missions and play them back in IL2 and I couldn't do that with CFS1 or 2. I'm not sure if CFS3 has the record feature or not. I have all the nationalist chinese planes and early jap planes for a early chinese campaign in CFS2 but I wanted to be able to do the same thing in IL2 and record the missions for playback. I love playing it back and watching it from all different kinds of angles and views. I am really susprised microsoft did not put that feature into CFS1 or 2.

03-06-2007, 04:41 AM
Better class of models for CFS series often cost money for whole new planes, right?
For less than the cost of several of those you can get IL2:1946 DVD with scores of
extra planes plus maps plus ground objects plus highly improved FM and 3D standards
of the models. So really a hot bargain IMO. Just make sure you have PC capable of
running it!

03-10-2007, 10:13 AM
What Gunz said... do yourself a favor.... even on toned down settings FB is better than the original... get the 46 DVD.... and be happy. You won't need to download any planes... you will have over 229 flyables... from Zekes to Gustavs and Hawks to Spits.. Maccis, and most of the other usual suspects and all the planes currently in IL2..

Lastly... we try not to use the term J** around here.. we have Japanese members and I have yet to meet one who doesnt find the term offensive so please refrain from using it. If you just feel lazy and only want to type 3 keys please use IJN or IJA (Imperial Japanese Navy/Army) but please do not use J**.

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