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04-28-2007, 08:35 AM
When you walk into a scene. The gallows in the trailers.
Will the people always be in the same exact locations.

Most likely those to be hung of course? BUT (can your actions change them (who is to be hung)???? Or none at all..???

Will you always find your targets in the same exact location. After you have solved the path to them.

One on the gallows One behind a church or such
Its open ended movement (but does the character placement change.

Can you lead your quarry to different locations??? If you miss an opportunity and get away to do you get another and are they limitless...

In a crowd if you always take the same route. climb this wall run over that building drop down . will the crowd react the same everytime?
Or is there some randomness to there actions..

off topic ... the bell and eagle in the trailer.
is that game play or a cut in scene.. Is that for the PS3 or all platforms. It's the best graphics yet...

04-28-2007, 08:41 AM
hey some of these questions are answered on other forums. search before you post new questions. Since everyone has their own AI, people won't always be in the same place and they definetly won't react the same everytime. How realistic would that be? thats one of the main focuses of this game. realism. and i don't think you will always find your target in the same place. That would be kinda stupid and you wouldn't have to observe them and their patterns as much. welcome 2 the forums btw http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

04-28-2007, 09:33 AM
Have you used search.......Good luck
Where has UBISOFT gone.. all there videos are last year.. and they have the link to preorder.. that worked...

this forum is full of speculation and PS3 vs 360. and lots of policing.. real info?? good luck finding some
I have been every where.. ign gamespot Utube game trailers google ubisoft.com

hoping someone in the know was here..who could talk and not spoil

I read the posts back to FEB i found nothing..
MY opinion only this game will be like most.. Main plot will be static.. you talk to monk A gather intel 1 eavesdrop at location B for intel 2 step 3 to find character x at gallows for execution... on to next.. possibly any order... they will always be there and penalty or death for killing with out intel..

I want to be able to plant intel to give hints to lead a character..

the crowd will be semi smart. bump em they freak.. kill they back off or attack.. or they will be stupid lemmings like any war game platoon.. after reaction run into any direction bumping into each other killing beserker style any and all in path.. (or in this case run) with out reason.. Best i have ever played is company of heroes.... oops a game drop like gaiden..... played not impressed.. visually ok...but a button masher... let me control an over head slash or side swipe not some stupid keypad code to do some trick...

i want a game that uses less people..hundred years war, preview screens.. the calvary doesn't just demolish infantry in cloud of dust.. you can see the action.. albeit cartoony..
i like the crowds in Assasians.. But am i seeing cut scenes or game...

I love the article i FOUND on 360 better AI how long did they have to work on a PS3 a week or so.. is that why i got mine the same week as the article...

i guess i always expect too much... i bought the ps3 hype yet to deliver...this games holds the best hope... games like forums don't change

Ps.. set up an article forum to post all magazine and website links find..
and delete all rest after 3 months until UBISOFT Wants to talk to us the ever waiting fans... P.S. still a sucker can't wait..

04-28-2007, 03:09 PM
Will the people always be in the same exact locations.

I don't think so becoz i was readin bout the game and it said summat like " stalk your prey wherever they go."

So they'll probs walk around alot.

04-29-2007, 04:30 AM
yeah dont just think wat u saw in the walkthrough demo are the only places u can go
each city is enormous remember and like Assassin619 said the targets are goin to be movin around with the new AI

and the nine people the game is based around are very important men so they will hav alot of things to do,,,so if u try to kill your target at the gallos and fail... it could be possible that u'll have to find them in a totally different place like in the centre of a market or a bar