View Full Version : Demo record + First Person

05-20-2011, 03:20 PM
Hey, one of the problems of AC is that it runs at poors 24~40 fps and while recording 16~24 this makes my videos feel lagged so one thing you could add is a demo recorder... you could had a bind in keys options to record demo and it could contain information of your position and position of every citzen/guard (and while you viewdemo it the conversations should be random (if they are from normal citzen) or it should be saved as part of a mission if it's mission specific) like in counter-strike where 1 hour of gameplay takes only 70mb of space...

Forgot to say but for viedemo we could have 3 options: Gameplay Cam (follow the player as if you are playing), Following Cam (Follow the player but with your mouse/right stick you can change the angle and FreeCam (with your left sitck you chose position and with the right stick you change angles -> WASD + Mouse)

For the first person i think that adding a thing like mirror's edge where you see your hands and feet... for combat mode it should be not availiable... for freerun i think you could had wall walk like in mirror's edge with the posibility to make mid-sidewalk jumps like in there (it could add some realism and make the game feel more fluid like in Ac1 trailer)

Sorry for my errors but i hope you can understand what i mean :P