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07-22-2009, 07:56 PM
When using hyper lobby, sometimes I can host, and sometimes I can't. While I am behind a firewall I have fowarded all of the correct ports and hosted several times. Often though without making any changes from one night to the next my friend in another state who I always play with cannot connect all of a sudden, while other times he can. I starting to think the problem my not be with either of our machines but with Hyper lobby or our connection to it. Any ideas why it would be so unreliable. We are both on highspeed connections and everything else works like a charm. Just can never tell from one night to the next if I am going to be able to host a campain.

07-22-2009, 07:59 PM
Maybe your IP changes....

07-22-2009, 09:50 PM
I don't see why that would be an issue? But I an on a dsl connection with a static IP.

07-23-2009, 03:49 AM
you can try some of the stuff below . . .

this is going to be long . . .

short version:

see if hyperlobby forums (sucks they are down at the moment) or the technical support email can help.)

long version:

You can try the following:

- power cycle your router / DSL modem, reverse the phone jack connector line (from DSL modem to wall jack). Sometimes my router / modem stayed on for months w/out a reset.*

Hosting requires a fast connection AND one that's constant.

WWW and googling, internet just requires a fast connection (its more forgiving for intermittent breaks)

- sometimes DSL can have constant connectivity issues. It can be miliseconds your connection drops (or hours, but you'd call your provider in that case). It can be an issue of the phone line connection or you could be far away from the provider's connection point (DSL translation for the phone lines in that region / router).**

On games requiring a persistant connection like MMO's or FPS or IL-2, if its really bad you will get occasional disconnects / timeouts / cannot connect to server msgs. On more robust game host / servers, they have coded for clients connections like that / Or if its really intermittent like nanoseconds, then sometimes is barely / not noticable when you join a game.

If you're cruising the internet / WWW w/ an intermittent connection even at a seconds delay you won't even notice.

But if you're hosting and you get a millisec break, sometimes the game software (or hyperlobby) can't host because you're the server and the server is central. If the server's connection keeps blinking out, good software prevents you from doing so.

Bad allows you to host, then crash / error out / clients can't connect and they get a random error that make look like THEIR connection is at fault etc.

The best way to test to see if this is the case . . . (outside of d/l connectivity detection software) is to download a huge file (say 100 mb +) that takes several minutes. If your connection holds (and you d/l it) cool. If the timer stops / doesn't lower after a minute of waiting (or the file size indicator doesn't increase) or the d/l fill-up bar doesn't move, then connection broke for a sec.

But DSL can tricky beast, when I had it, I could stay connected for several hours, then in a span of 5-20 minutes, it would be intermittent (usually 12 AM - 6AM range) and no online games as they would time out or disconnect.

Also DSL sometimes scans your internet traffic *** and this throws a temporary wrench in hosting.

Or sometimes this scan is DSL provider being evil (if they notice lots of client type connections) they think:

a) your hosting "illegal" d/l 's


b) for website hosting please upgrade your account for $29.95 /mo but w/ X discount we'll give it to you for $11.99 /mo . So when they scan, they set it up so their router (on their end) blocks it. They can't scan all the time (it'll slow their whole network) so when the scan is "off" you can host.

Only way to find out if they do "the scan" is call your provider and hope you get a support person that escalates you (or you get a tech savvy guy) after you explain your HL hosting issue. But most of the time its "Can you do a google search?" 'Yes' "Your internet is working sir. I will close ticket 14795. Have a good day. " 'Wait but HL isn't working' "I'm sorry please contact support for HL, we do not support HL. Have a good day." CLICK.

- try turning off antivirus internet / email scanning if you have that. I know that can cause email sending issues (only sending, but they can receive) via POP client like outlook or thunderbird.

-turn off windows firewall (or enable exception for IL-2)

-also try DMZ the firewall (if a router) and see if you can host all the time, to check if that's the cause. Also sometimes your DSL modem has a weaksauce firewall that lets most stuff go through but acts intermittently (software based firewall and sometimes uses a type of port forwarding that screws up hosting)

- sometimes you can reach upload limit (I remember when I used to host neverwinter nights sessions on my parent's house when they had SBC, after 2 hours I'd max out the upload limit for the day. 5 mo later my dad got the nasty gram saying we / I kept breeching the limit)

-if you're IL-2 has mods and if so see if you can reproduce the issue on stock IL-2

- if using a router / DSL modem, check if the firmware is old like 3+ years. And upgrade.(becareful with this, screwups generally require you to send your router / modem back if warranty is good or if not, purchase replacements).

Yeah, its long winded but hopefully its a simpler causes than what I've said and not your provider.

* A tech ran me through that, says static / electron build up (he had mumbling accent so I didn't get his explanation . . . unplug / replug / etc. But it worked to stablize my connexion.

**I remember my friends DSL would cut out at certain times at night. He went cable, that stopped. Few months later, landline quit, turned out the cover for the connectors outside were stripped and some creature had chewed the wires and when moisture got in, phone line got static or quit.

(reasons are many: RIAA is sweating them, so they check mp3's from non "licensed sites" or using some mp3/software d/l like Limewire or newsgroups apps or to see if you're constantly d/l, check for virus, hacker probes)

07-23-2009, 09:53 AM
Just can never tell from one night to the next if I am going to be able to host a campain.
By the looks of it, it could be either you not being able to host, or your friend not being able to join.
Meaning: Problem may occur on either one pc, it's not neccesarily your system, as you did not mention if others try to connect too, and if so, if that's succesfull or not.

One thing comes to my mind: Could it be that whenever it does not work, either one of you has a device connected/active that is also acting as a network controller? As in: that device using an IP address? Could be that that causes the connection issues...
(Long shot, I know...)