View Full Version : Splinter Cell Server, invert Y, 5.1, text in multiplayer, BUGS and zoom

09-21-2010, 06:30 AM
was playing fine on the insurgency maps an hour ago.

now, the game says that it cant connect to the SC servers... which meant the insurgency maps are not available. (i launched the game. upon seeing the new maps are not available, i went to "Exclusive Content" section and the error message was displayed)

wat the heck? i dun mind the DRM and whatever paranoid stuff Ubisoft wants to throw into the game (that hackers will hack successfully ANYWAY). but can Ubisoft ensure that the servers are stable at the very least?

oh, and can Ubisoft make the game REMEMBER invert Y axis and 5.1 option? it isnt a difficult thing to do. having a way to COMMUNICATE with team mates like any other modern multi-player game would be nice too.

just saying.

lastly, does the SC team know that there's a glue bug in the game? sometimes, the SC would be stuck on the spot and wont be able to move. i can see the reticule expand as if the SC were on the move (when i press the key), when he isnt.

in the research lab, at the really long stairwell to the roof, the SC will walk at an annoyingly slow speed at the bottom of the stairs at the weapon caches.

also at the same place, it is common for the laser pointer to stop working. gotta fiddle with holstering and unholstering of both weapons for some time before getting it to work.

one more thing, is it possible for Ubisoft to make one more key for zoom (or make the player press the zoom one more time to scope in)?

when a weapon is fitted with a scope, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make the SC go to "high ready" (point the weapon to the front instead of carrying it like baby). the half a sec delay between a mouse click and the firing of the weapon can be avoided.