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05-27-2007, 07:59 PM
Has anyone had an issue with the Ready Screen popping back up on you screen after a mission loads, and you can't get it to disappear? Its happened several times to members of my group, and the only common links so far seem to be a large (20+) number of pilots and restarts of the same mission. This last time out, both pilots reportedly hit the Map key when the Ready screen appeared.

Anyone know what causes this, and any ideas on what might prevent it?


05-27-2007, 09:09 PM
funny timing...

The DD's and Hellhounds were doing mission 3 of a SEOW campaign an this issue reared it's ugly head again (this time to me). Never happens on regular coops - just when we do a SEOW.

2 minutes in, I hit the map key and got the map and the bloody ready screen.

Restarts seems to be an issue - as we had just done one.

Love to hear from the community on this one...

05-28-2007, 02:42 AM
Two things i know makes this bug pop up.

1. You scroll down that pilot list to see if everybody is ready if there's more then fit that ready list,DON'T DO THAT! This is the main cause for this bug.

2. You write something in chat just when your host starts the mission,try to stop chatting when everybody is ready and has hit "fly".

These should help from getting that bug to appear any more.

We had serious problems with it also in Seow coops with +30 pilots until we figured out what was causing it.

This was the orginal post i found when i was looking this problem.


There is a lot of mistery on this bug. One way to find the problem (or bug) is to reproduce the problem. If you find the way to make the problem happen under some conditions, part of the mistery goes away an is a key to solve the problem.

I have posted long time ago how to reproduce the problem:

When there are more than 24? players, in the "ready list", you have a slider to scroll down and see the pings and ready (or not) status of the the players at the bottom. If you are clicking and sliding up or down (with mouse button pressed) and host start game (before you release mouse button) , you will get the player list when you open the map.

Why this happens? Im not sure, but i think is related to mouse events. When you open the map, the mouse swich modes. In game mouse is used to look arround, but when you open map, the mouse change mode, and now controls the map zoom and map movements.

Bug can be related to this mouse mode change. For example, when you open map, the "mose map mode" now detects the button release (remember, game started when you was clicking and holding on slide bar) and bring up (refresh?) the player list in middle of cockpit.

Of course there is lot of speculation on why this happens, but there is no speculation on how to reproduce bug. If you dont trust me, just try it. When you see the scroll bar in ready status, click on slider and hold mouse button till host start game. And finally, open map at any moment in mission Wink

You know how to bring the bug player list, so... you know how to avoid the bug, doin the oposite, that is do not touch slider.

And as Expres said, there is no reason to restart because that. If you get player list, try to circle, wait to all take off and clear runway, land and leave.


05-28-2007, 05:05 AM
Makes good sense and I've seen it where you can lock the map on the screen until you move the mouse and click on the message bar to bring it up, press ESC to remove the chat box and then you can remove the map.

If you could press ESC on seeing the ready screen to make it disappear that would be a great leap forward.