View Full Version : Modern AC weapons

11-30-2011, 05:58 PM
Whether the next game is all Desmond or another ancestor, eventually a modern AC game will come. The question is, in a world dominated by ranged guns and such, what kind of weapons are there to replace the old ones while still keeping the same AC hack-n-slash combat style.

For thrown weapons, I think they should still keep trowing knives, but add tomahawks and shurikens as options. tomahawks would have the most lethal, but the smallest ammo capacity, knives having the middle, and shurikens having the least lethality, but most ammo. But in this category, I'd like to see some no lethal tactical weapons, like pepper spray

For the hidden gun and cross bow, I think they could split those into large and small ranged weapons the way there's the short and long melee weapons. They would also have stats like the melee weapons which could be lethality, accuracy, ammo capacity, aim speed, reload speed, and noise level. So in for example, You could have, in the hand held slot, you could have an uzi or something which would have lower lethality, lower accuracy, high ammo capacity, very fast aim speed, very fast reload speed, and louder noise level; you could also have at the same time in the large gun spot maybe a sniper, with high lethality, high accuracy, low ammo capacity, low aim speed, low reload speed, and quiet noise level.

But for the melee weapons, the choices are somewhat limited while staying realistic since they've mostly become out dated. While they've added a bunch of fancy gadgets and guns, the blade is still the soul of the AC fighting system. They could have machetes, batons, folding knives, even kitchen knives, but it would feel a little awkward to bring back and fighting with some giant medieval sword against a guy with a baton or an M16. So what are some modern weapons they could use in the place of something like a mace, giant ax, or even most of the long blade weapons (I do't want to just fight with extendable batons like in AC2, I want variety), because it would be a little weird to see guards patrolling the streets with those strapped to their waist.