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Colour scans of original documents... Outstanding find.

Thanks http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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Some good reading there, thanks http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I like this one :-

http://www.spitfireperformance.com/mustang/combat-repor...4-stevens-8nov44.jpg (http://www.spitfireperformance.com/mustang/combat-reports/364-stevens-8nov44.jpg)

An Me262 went diving past with 10 or 12 Mustangs on his tail, I dived after him too. (!)

I was a bit shocked at the vagueness of all the kills on some of the reports however,for example read this one :-

http://www.spitfireperformance.com/mustang/combat-repor...crenshaw-21nov44.jpg (http://www.spitfireperformance.com/mustang/combat-reports/359-crenshaw-21nov44.jpg)

Defintely 3 unconfirmed kills (He saw one pilot bail and one plane crash out of the 5 kills) yet he is awarded five (!) He lost his wingman in the first ecounter. I think claiming was much more strict in other Air forces, is that correct?

It would be great to see all the guncameras for these reports. I wish we could get all the RAF combat reports and guncameras too, RAF guncams and reports seem to be really rare. Lots of LW guncams but no reports around. I know there are a few RAF reports on Spitperformance, maybe if we ask Mike WIlliams where he got those from, we could find some more? (And also the USAAF guncams to go with those reports in the post above)

Has anyone ever seen any Luftwaffe combat reports?

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Wow some good stuff there, thanks very much for sharing. After reading a few accounts I can see this thread getting hot and ugly unfortunately.