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12-31-2007, 02:22 AM
Anybody running IL2 on a MacBook Pro? With what success? Can it handle the high graphics settings? I need a new laptop (2.5 year old PowerBook right now) and I want a Mac for sure. Since the Intel Macs can boot Windows too, I was hoping it could be my gaming computer too, since the specs are pretty high (by my standards, at least).

Here are the specs:

Processor and memory

* 15-inch MacBook Pro
o 2.2GHz, 2.4GHz, or 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4MB on-chip shared L2 cache running 1:1 with processor speed

* 2GB (two SO-DIMMs) of PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 memory; two SO-DIMM slots support up to 4GB
* 800MHz frontside bus

Graphics card

NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor with dual-link DVI support; 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM on 2.2GHz configuration; 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM on 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz configurations

I would probably have to go with the 2.2 GHz processor and 128 MB graphics processor because of price. Would that run IL2 okay? And I know nobody knows, but would BoB be flyable? http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif


12-31-2007, 02:50 AM
If that compares directly to conventional PC it should easily manage IL-2.

For BoB I assume graphics card with 128 MB might be the first bottleneck - if I read correctly the new maps might have issues with IL-2 as well with that (although, I suspect hype).

The BoB is a funny bit, though. Oleg has often recommended not to update machine yet, as requirements for BoB are much higher.

Perversely, when one looks one application (now talking about pure number crunching, leaving rendered game graphics on side) running on 32bit windows I'd say that the current CPU development is not that breathtaking or does not fully come to the rights.

In order to benefit from all possible RAM on PC, for example, for one application and so on, the sim should run as 64bit version on a 64bit platform. Same goes actually for all this dual core cr@ppola as well, throw in a multi-CPU support for good measures. Actually, it would seem to me that if current PC performance is not sufficient for BoB then it just might be that it never will be, not with 32bit windows as OS - it is misleading to blame it solemnly on HW. Vista will just prolongue the customer's undecidedness concerning the 32/64bit issue, a clear cut for 64 in the manner of win 95/98 introduction would have been appropriate step. (Instead of introducing crappy 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista introduce only one less crappy 64)

There is some real computing performance already on the current 64bit hardware that would benefit performance but that is not used because apps are not dedicatedly written for it...

12-31-2007, 05:03 AM
I used to run some games on my 2004 15" Powerbook using VIRTUAL PC. The main problem I had was tremendous overheating. Laptops just are not designed to handle the heat generated in processing the graphics they must in high end computer games. I now use a 15" MacBook Pro---one year old. I don't use it for gaming, but I use it for digital painting, and it gets very hot. I am quite sure my new BOBSOW gaming computer will be a Mac tower with all the trimmings---I can't stand PCs.