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09-22-2011, 11:38 AM
I am trying to identify the ffe force files functions( by editing the ffe files).
The only one I cannot feel the effect of is the mortar.ffe!
Anyone know what force exactly does mortar.ffe affect??

09-29-2011, 09:03 AM
This is from the readme of the FFB effects I use (available at Mission4Today download section). The mortar.ffe is not mentioned, maybe it's not used at all.

Blade's Force Feedback Effects for IL-2
V.1.0 6/27/02
Light and medium effects

To Install:
Backup your original "Forcefeedback" folder in your IL-2 directory, and replace with either the files in the "Light Force Feedback" folder or the "Medium Force Feedback" folder.

There are only 4 effects that have been modified for IL-2.

From what I can tell, the machinegun effect is used for all guns smaller than 30mm. I think there is an exception with some applications of the MK108, due to its low recoil (lower muzzle velocity). I lowered this effect's strength, and re-worked it to operate on the X axis, so it doesn't conflict with the Cannon effect when firing all guns simultaneously.

Changed the wave from a triangular wave to a sawtooth wave, which gives more of a punch. Lowered the velocity a bit to closely match the average velocity of the larger guns.

Changed the wave from a single triangular wave to dual sine waves. One is large and light, which goes side to side, the other is fast and goes back and forth. The result is an unpredictable buffet, which shakes primarily from front to back, but varies slightly from other angles. It feels closer to my own experience with an aircraft stall.

This effect seems to be used when your aircraft takes a hit, when you begin your takeoff roll, and when your gear touches the ground. The problem is many, like myself, do not like the effect in the beginning of the takeoff roll. I toned the effect down somewhat, but there is a compromise.

The light and medium effects only adjusts the strength of both the Shake and Punch. Microsoft users seem to prefer the medium effects, while Logitech users were satisfied with the light effects. I made two so each person can decide which one they prefer, and either can be used on any stick.

Many thanks to Maddox Games and UBI for bringing us IL-2.

Questions and comments are always welcome.