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I have seen it posted once or twice that no U-boat entering the Mediterranean from the Atlantic ever (whether due to currents or Allied defenses) made it out again through the Straits of Gibralter ....

Kaleuens, I give you U-26! (all information obtained from u-boat.net)

Type IA
Ordered 17 Dec, 1934. Laid down 1 Aug, 1935 AG Weser, Bremen. Launched 14 Mar, 1936. Commissioned 6 May, 1936 Kptlt. Werner Hartmann (Knights Cross)
11 May, 1936 - 30 Sep, 1938 KrvKpt. Werner Hartmann (Knights Cross)
1 Oct, 1938 - Aug, 1939 Oskar Schomburg
Aug, 1939 - 3 Jan, 1940 Klaus Ewerth
4 Jan, 1940 - 11 May, 1940 Heinz Scheringer
12 May, 1940 - 8 Jun, 1940 Heinz Fischer
9 Jun, 1940 - 1 Jul, 1940 Heinz Scheringer

Career 6 patrols (128 days)

1 May, 1936 - 1 Aug, 1939 2. Flottille (front boat)
1 Sep, 1939 - 31 Dec, 1939 2. Flottille (front boat)
1 Jan, 1940 - 1 Jul, 1940 2. Flottille (front boat)

Successes 11 ships sunk for a total of 48.645 GRT
1 ship damaged for a total of 4.871 GRT
1 warship damaged for a total of 530 tons

Fate: Scuttled 1 Jul, 1940 southwest of Ireland, in position 48.03N, 11.30W, after heavy damages suffered by depth charges from the British corvette HMS Gladiolus and bombs from an Australian Sunderland aircraft (Sqdn 10/H).
Position U-26 scuttled

The Sunderland Mk.I (RAAF Sqdn 10/H), piloted by F/L W.N. Gibson, found U-26 on the surface and dropped two sticks of four 250-pound (113 kg) bombs. The U-boat was already severely damaged by eight depth charges from HMS Gladiolus (LtCdr H.M.C. Sanders) the previous day. The damage from the bombs was not fatal but it prevented the boat from diving, so the crew had to scuttle their boat to prevent capture by the enemy. The 48 survivors (entire crew survived) were picked up by HMS Rochester and taken prisoner.

Patrol 2. Klaus Ewerth 22 Oct, 1939 Wilhelmshaven - 5 Dec, 1939 Wilhelmshaven.
Daily reported positions of U-26 on it's 2nd patrol

Ship sunk:
Date 13 Nov, 1939 U-boat U-26 Commander Klaus Ewerth Name of ship Loire Tons4.285 Nat. fr
Date 22 Nov, 1939 U-boat U-26 Commander Klaus Ewerth Name of ship Elena R. [Mine] Tons 4.576 Nat. gr
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.
Position of ships sunk by U-26 on it's 2nd patrol

Name: Loire
Type: Steam merchant
Tonnage: 4.285 tons
Completed: 1928 - Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow Owner: Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, Paris Homeport: Le Havre
Date of attack: 13 Nov, 1939 Nationality: French
Fate: Sunk by U-26 (Klaus Ewerth) Position: 36.16N, 02.13W - Grid CH 7537 - See location on map
Complement: ? men (? dead - no survivors)
Route: Oran (12 Nov) - Dunkirk
History: Built as Irrawaddy, 1938 renamed Loire

Notes on loss: At 03.40 hours on 13 Nov, 1939, the unescorted Loire was hit by two torpedoes from U-26 and sank within 30 seconds near Malaga, Spain. The Loire was reported missing after leaving Oran, only wreckage was later found ashore near Malaga.
Position of Loire sinking

In November 1939, U-26 was the first German U-boat that operated in the Mediterranean in World War 2; she left the Mediterranean again after a few days through the Strait of Gibraltar.
Position of U-27 07.11.39
Position of U-26 on 17.11.39
Position of U-26 on 18.11.39
Position of U-26 on 19.11.39

So if you venture into the Mediterranean and want to exit, go ahead and try .... it was possible! (at least early in the war).

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I'm staggered by this, and very impressed by the amount of research you've done. The Type Ia had a lot of range compared to the Type II.

I'd always taken that quotation about U-Boats and the Med for granted. Now I'll remember the U-26!

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Excellent thread, and very informative. Great work http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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Originally posted by Goose_Green:
Excellent thread, and very informative. Great work http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

Thankyou, but all credit goes to u-boat.net for being the premier website for u-boat information. I just happened to stumble upon it.
Further details from u-boat.net:

Type IA
2 boats commissioned
U-25 - U-26

Construction history of this type
Boats Shipyard AG Weser, Bremen
Werk # 903 - 904
Built during 1934 - 1936

All U-boats of this type
Below you can see the 2 commissioned U-boats of this type.
U-25, and U-26.

Technical information for type IA
Displacement: (tons) 862 (sf) 983 (sm) 1200 (total)
Length: (m) 72,39 oa 50,20 ph
Beam: (m) 6,21 oa 4,28 ph
Draught: (draft) 4,30 m
Height: (m) not given
Power: (hp) 3080 (sf) 1000 (sm)
Speed (knots) 18,6(sf) 8,3 (sm)
Range: (miles / knots) 7900/10 (sf) 78/4 (sm)
Torpedoes: 14 4/2 (bow / stern tubes)
Mines: 28 TMA
Deck gun: 105/45 150 rounds
Crew: 44-46 men
Max depth: ca. 200 m (656 feet)

sm = submerged, sf = surfaced, ph = pressure hull,
oa = overall, hp = horsepower.

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wow I 'de never herad of the type 1a before really. I'm going to have to go look at it. it seems alot bigger than the 2a?

Wow it looks almost like a type VIIB from this picture


More about it here! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Type_I_submarine)

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Very interesting http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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Excellent research!!! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif


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Are you aware there have been 36 pre-/wartime projects for german U-boats?

You know Type 1 and type 2 now.
Type I was based on the turkish "Gür" - built 1932 in Spain after german concept.
Type II was based on the finnish "Vesikko" class - a german concept built 1931 to 1933 and the WWI types UBII and UF.

Types 3 to 6 were cancelled in 1934.
T3 based on 1a should have carried two light s-boats plus 48 TMA mines and 8 torpedoes (4/2 tubes)
T4 based on 1a should be a minelayer and carry 75 mines.
T5 based on 1a should be the first boat to be constructed after Walters designs.
T6 based on 1a should operate with a special steam propulsion designed by Schmidt-Hartmann.

You know type VII boats I guess, but did you know there was a version VIIa? Type VII was based on the finnish Vetehinen-class (german design). VIIa had an external stern tube wich only could be reloaded when surfaced. It carried only 11 torpedoes and was the smallest type VII.

Type 8 was based on 1a and cancelled 1934 for the Type IX project.
Type IX - we know it - was based on U81 to U86 design from WWI (!) and on type I.

Type X was designed as minelayer.
Xa was never built - but should carry new SMA mines (one 1.6 tons) to be layed from two stern locks. The project was cancelled for Xb wich was smaller.
Xb was armed with 6 vertical tubes - each carrying 3 SMA mines - in the foresection and 24 vertical tubes (12 each side amidship) carrying 2 SMA mines. It had only two bow torpedotubes and stored 15 torpedoes.

Type XI was a U-cruiser concept enabled to fight auxillary cruisers over long distances. Armed with two twin 12.7 cm guns, two 3.7 cm flak behind the conningtower plus a 2cm C/30 flak on the conningtower and 4/2 torpedotubes.
Two special features were planned: decks awash capability and an Ar 231 seaplane (to be started from the watersurface).
27 U-boats should have been built for the 20th flottilla, but the order was cancelled at the start of the war.

Types 12 and 13 were planned as bigger costal U-boat (4 bowtubes) to replace Type II. Only concept-drawings were made.

Type XIV is known as "Milkcow" - a U-boat tanker based on VIIc design - armed with flak but no torpedotubes. It carried 423 tons diesel and four torpedoes to resupply other U-boats at sea.

Types 15 and 16 were planned to be a small (=2500 tons rep/surf) and a big (=5000 tons rep/surf) repair U-boat. Both were cancelled because of increasing allied air surveillance.

Type XVII - Walter-Boote - were differently sized fish-shaped U-boats to test Hellmuth Walters design of a gasturbine driven propulsion. He managed to build a U-boat with a submerged speed of 26 (!) knots. You may google for it, if you are interested.

Type 18 was a concept for a large seagoing U-boat with Walter-propulsion demanded by Doenitz. It was never build.

Types 19 and 20 were the concepts of big transport U-boats demanded by Hitler to ensure the supply of noble metal and caoutchouc from asia. They should supply the island of Iceland after the planned invasion.

Type XXI should be well known. It's called the mother of all modern U-boats.

Type 22 should be a smaller XXI for coastal operations.

Type XXIII was a small coastal U-boat with propulsion based on Walters concepts. 62 were brought to service and between march and may 1945 10 operations sunk six allied merchants. The U-boat carried only two torpedoes but was able to crashdive within 9 to 10 seconds.

Type 24 was a coastal concept with 12 torpedotubes - six forward and six backward faced. The backward faced tubes were not parallel to the U-boats length-axis but showed 10? outward on both sides.

Types 25 to 36 were several coastal and seagoing concepts to experiment with Walter-turbines and only one propellor.

11-14-2007, 10:19 AM
There was also a german sham company in Japan i believe. Have to look for the name.

Disguised as ship builder like the others in Holland and Turkey.

They also did secret u-boat research but i dont know what they achieved.

Im sure they cooperated with japanese companies and this might be the answer to the question why some japanese submarines of ww2 strikingly resemble u-boats in their hull design.

Many japanese submarines also used license copies of german diesel motors.

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Excellent work AtlantikEel,
I can only use GeoffWessex's word "Staggered" to express what an outstanding piece of research this post is!
It might go well in Wikkepedia as a useful tool for others who are interested in U-Boats.
My utmost congratulations to you!

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Again, all the credit goes to u-boat.net and its' researchers and contributors. I've been a paid member of the site for almost two years now, and it has been worth every penny. Membership gives access to entire crew lists of almost all u-boats ... 35,356 names to last count!
For example: There were two men in the u-boat service with my family name (Petras); both died at sea.

FkOGfr. Petras, Wilhelm
Born 4 Dec, 1919 Dead 19 Jul, 1943 U-513+

ObMt. Petras, Heinz
Born 3 Jan, 1921 Dead 9 Dec, 1944 U-387+

+ indicates the boat was lost with all hands.

You can examine each individual patrol of each boat in detail, follow its' course and see the reported position of each victory.
They also have interactive maps of both u-boat and merchant sinking positions for both World Wars, and a vast detailed listing of Allied ships -- merchant and warships -- for WW2.