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03-14-2011, 06:32 PM
I just purchased the new DLC "The Da Vince Disappearance" and went to try it out. Initially, I got the message about the new title update, which I found the fix for.
Then when I tried to re-enter the "story mode" part of the game it told me the disk could not be read, so I took it out, cleaned it, replaced it and re-booted the xbox.
I thought I'd try abit of multiplayer first, and managed to get into that and complete a whole game.
However, when I tried to re-enter the "story mode" either the whole xbox freezes (at which point I have to reboot again) or it takes me to that "limbo" world where it suposedly loads the game and gives handy hints at the left hand side, but it wont actually load the game.... I've in this limbo world for about 15 minutes now.

Has anyone else had this problem?? I cant find the answer to it anywhere!

Please Help!


03-15-2011, 05:54 AM
Hi there,

The 'Disc could not be read' could mean there is a problem with the game disc - have you checked it for damage? - you may also want to give it a quick and gentle clean.

If you have space, I always find it useful to install the game on the Xbox [I assume your using that due to the title update you said about, and the 'disc could not be read' - a reported error on xbox]

Installing the game, not only can improve load times, it also stops the need to always read the disc, so less noise and chance of the disc getting damaged due to the xbox moving.

If the disc is clean and damage free - you could try deleting the title updates and DLC from your hard drive, and downloading them again - make sure not to delete any save data!

Sometimes downloads can mess up - so best to get it again.

Failing that - you may need to contact Ubisoft Support - details on how to do that are located in the back of the game's manual, www.ubi.com (http://www.ubi.com) or simply click the link in my signature.

03-17-2011, 06:09 AM
Yes I am using an xbox, sorry =]

I'm able to play multiplayer absolutely fine, its just the story mode
How do I install the game onto my xbox??

Also, if I delete the DLC, will it charge me to download it again??

Many thanks