View Full Version : POLIKARPOV I-16 GUNSIGHT on e-bay!

04-02-2005, 03:27 PM

I guess, hmmm, .........well, ok,,, yes yes,,,..

x3 +5=

My guess is that it goes for $ 762.89 Give or take $100.00 dollas http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.gif

04-02-2005, 06:04 PM
It went for $377.00- http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifWow, for a whole case with parts, and this is about one of a kind...It was listed badly though, but still, that was a giveaway price...about $100.00 lower than the average Brit Mk 2...



04-03-2005, 10:09 AM
someone got a decent price http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

04-03-2005, 11:45 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Dear User:

Unfortunately, access to this particular category or item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in your home country. Based on our discussions with concerned government agencies and eBay community members, we have taken these steps to reduce the chance of inappropriate items being displayed. Regrettably, in some cases this policy may prevent users from accessing items that do not violate the law. At this time, we are working on less restrictive alternatives. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we hope you may find other items of interest on eBay.

Thank You. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Bah, I forgot that buying weapons or weaponparts is prohibited here. I can't even view the auction.

04-03-2005, 12:41 PM
What country you in Voodoo?- Germany? Hey, you guys arent really the problem now, are you?Maybe if you promise to be good, they let you look??

Actually,- Western Europe is getting invaded by the goofs....god, what happens when youve been castrated.. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/cry.gif