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10-09-2005, 09:53 AM
I saw yet another post where someone is talking about spending thousands of dollars for a new SLI/dual core rig so they can run PF on perfect mode at 1200X1600 resolution.

This is not necessary in many cases. If you have a 32-bit computer that is not too old it can be upgraded to run the sim at this quality level.

My N-force2 computer, running a 32-bit AMD processor and a gig of ram would not run perfect at 1200x1600 with an ATI98000pro video card.

I could run excellent at 1200x1600 but in perfect mode at this resolution my framerates would drop to where the sim was unplayable.

My next upgrade, which was a gamble, was to purchase the AGP version of the ATI X850XT Platinum edition. I won the gamble. The computer now runs PF at 1200x1600 in perfect mode very smoothly. Only the nastiest situations will slow it down, like flying on the deck over Berlin, or taking off on a carrier that is being attacked by thirty enemy planes, with all AAA batteries active!

This card was not cheap, but it was much cheaper than a whole new computer, that would not have effectively run the sim any better!

The PCI-Express version of the X850XT, in a high end Asus SLI motherboard and with an expensive AMD Athlon64 4000+ processor, only scored six more frames per second than my old rig, on these high settings running the same tracks!

Also, if I would have built a new rig for these six extra fps, in a year or two when Bob and other new software came out, I would still need a new rig anyway.

So look at your old computer closely, if it is not too old, then there is a good chance you do not need a new computer, you just need the VIDEO CARD from the new computer, to get 3d performance like the newer rig has.

It worked for me.


Nforce2 motherboard 400fsb
32-bit AMD xp3200cpu
1 gig Kingston ram
X850xt video card

58fps Beau-Torp track
33fps Black Death track

Both at 1200x1600x32 in perfect mode.

10-09-2005, 10:01 AM
what kinda fps you getting in online games with pit locked ?

If its not crakin out 60/80 fps in game all the time forget about it.

10-09-2005, 10:51 AM
Right, I usually always fly with the cockpit-on when I am online and the game is very smooth for me, right in the 60-80fps range very often.

On a very long online mission recently, that was all over coastlines and water, with real clouds and AAA and dogfighting, my average framerate for the whole mission was 50! which is pretty **** smooth all around.

I don't think any rig will fly low over Berlin in AAA and a dogfight and get good framerates at these high settings.

I never checked frames per second with the cockpit-off as I never fly this way, I don't know if it would make a difference on fps or not.

The reason for this post is to save poeple money and help them improve the performance of the old rigs they may have. Any more help would be great.
It is just sad to see poeple go out on a limb and spend money on computers they don't have to. I have found out how to run these high settings through an expensive process of trial and error, and a bit of luck and smarts. And would like to help others trying to meet the same end.

10-09-2005, 03:37 PM
Same here Jumoschwanz ... I switched out my 9800XT to an X850XT months back and get 60+ pit on, Perfect at 16x12x32. I took a gamble too ... going with the last AGP card made rather than haveing to upgrade my whole system now to go PCIe. I couldn't justify the cost since I'm running a decent rig with a 3.2, 2 gigs of RAM and 120 SATA's in RAID. Since this rig runs IL2 and FS9 really well now I upgrade once as BoB comes out rather than upgrading twice by that time. And the "Watcher Of The Buget" ... she's happy too! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

10-09-2005, 03:56 PM
Running the game @ 1200x1600 res is totally unplayable for me...

My monitor won't allow it http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/34.gif

10-09-2005, 05:32 PM
Good for you clayman, I am glad to hear somebody out there saved some bucks.

On monitors, I had a 19" AOC brand for a long time that would run fine at 1200x1600, but it started to hurt my old eyes, I found myself looking away from it when programs were loading, etc. whenever I could! So I bought a Dell 2001fp LCD monitor that runs at 1200X1600 and has 16ms response time. It runs the sim absolutely beautifuly, with not a hint of ghosting, and my eyes NEVER get fatigued at all, I an't believe the difference in goint LCD, CRT monitors should be outlawed, I am sure they are bad for you.


10-10-2005, 12:11 PM
CRTs are being phased out for LCD and Plasma.

They have less hazardous materials in them and are easier to dispose of when they die then a CRT.