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11-29-2007, 02:09 AM
The game is using the famed Havok physics engine that was made famous in Half-Life 2
I just saw this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOk5j-iGuTM and I had to laugh because that chick goes on to say how this is really next gen and oh so cool, and she's off-course talking about the people interactions when you walk around shoving them, etc... but this is all thanks to the awesome Havok engine and has nothing to do with Ubisoft. They didn't develop it, they didn't create it, and they have nothing to do with it whatsoever.
So let me get this straight.. the Ubisoft chick is blatantly bragging about something they didn't even create and make it seem like it was their wonderful next gen creation. Pathetic! and it just goes to show how desperate they are trying to defend Assassin's Creed.
The fact alone that they started making this game back in 2004 when there was no PS3 or Xbox360 should give people an idea on just how much they were bullsh!!ted about the Next Gen of this game. They basically just made it for high end PC's and somehow ported it on the 360 and PS3, I could be wrong, but it definitely looks like it, and you can tell by all the freezing and FPS issues. Will Ubisoft or any of you AC gamers ever admit that nothing new and nothing next gen was brought to the table by Assassins Creed!!!!!

Historical accuracy is awesome in the game from what I can tell, here's a few reasons why. When I go to Jerusalem for example, there are Churches and Synagogues and I can hear Christian priests praying and singing, so the fact that these non Islamic structures are standing inside a Muslim controlled city is a testament to the tolerance of Muslim empires in those days which is a confirmed historical fact. Google Salah Al-Din (Saladin) and you'll see that he was indeed a very honorable man, well respected by even the worst of his enemies. On the other hand, I go to Acre which is controlled by Crusader forces, and what do I see ? smashed up Mosques with the towers all destroyed and whatnot. History confirms that the Crusaders were a very intolerant people, they conquered Muslim and non Christian cities and massacred all residents and entire populations. Pope John Paul 2nd shocked the world when he officially apologized a few years ago for the injustices many people suffered at the hands of the Crusader forces a 1000 years ago.

Can I get a reply from one of the Ubisoft employees here on the board ? why is this game garbage ? and how dare you label garbage next gen and the future of gaming ? for fawks sake, almost every time I climb up a ladder I get a comment from the surrounding towns folk saying "Straaange, I've never seen anyone do that before" really now ?? you've never see ANYONE EVER CLIMB A LADDER BEFORE ??? reaaaaallllly ????!!?!?!!?
it's a friggin ladder for frigs sake!!!!! made to be climbed, lol.
this game played a joke on my wallet and my expectations..

11-29-2007, 02:42 AM
There is one little problem man... u call it just Havok engine made this game so realistic... u say ladders are to be climbed, you insist the world must be opened... and this is just so simple that we just cant name this game NEXT GEN coz all this things are so obvious and easy... but the problem is that THIS OBVIOUS things have NEVER been done before... i realy dont remember such a crowd... its stupid anyway - but Way more better than in Hitman... or lack of it in Thief or Splinter cell.

11-29-2007, 04:01 AM
What are you talking about?
Havok is not a crowd simulation engine, its a physics engine. Have you seen crowds like this in any other game that uses Havok?
Ubisoft Montreal built the crowd engine, climbing engine and all the other stuff in this game with the exception of Havok. Although they would have heavily customized that.

Besides, the programming of a particular function is only a small part of the work that goes into a game like this. This crowd stuff has not been seen before in a game so even if some random dude in Antarctica wrote the code for it, they can still hype it up and call it next gen and such if that want, because it is.

11-29-2007, 05:50 AM
People say "I've never seen someone do that before" when you climb a ladder? HAH! Your either lying or your copy is glitched, that's not meant to happen http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif It's the opposite really.

In one paragraph you say historical accuracies is great, and the next you call the game garbage.

I'm pretty sure the Xbox360 and/or PS3 SDK was available in 2004 for companies to create LAUNCH TITLES...how else do you think games launch at the same time as the console, magic?

The Havok engine, which would have been HEAVILY modified for the game, allows dynamic simulation of physics, interaction and blending animations efficiently.
Also, it's been used for such titles as Half-Life 2, Dead Rising, Crackdown, Stranglehold, Just Cause, GRAW, Crysis, and hundreds more...
So basically you're blatantly dragging AC in the dust for using a very commonly used engine that helps make development more efficient and better quality...
Pathetic! And it just goes to show how desperate you are trying to discredit Assassin's Creed. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif

By the way, you're also saying that Dead Rising, Crackdown, Stranglehold, Just Cause, GRAW, Crysis and many other games aren't next-gen because they developers didn't bother making their own tools. I'm sure you'd get so flamed for that there won't even be ashes left.

By the way, are they also being lazy by using the Unreal Engine? Because they didn't develop it? Hmm?
A lot of games using UE3 state it's next-gen capability and awesomeness. Doesn't mean they're claiming credit. It just means they're happy with their product.

"Will Ubisoft or any of you AC gamers ever admit that nothing new and nothing next gen was brought to the table by Assassins Creed!!!!!"

No, because AC brought A LOT of next-gen to the table. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif
Example, the crowd. Interactions, dialogue, pathfinding and AI is all very well thought out and designed.
Another example? The graphics engine is very smooth, dynamic shadows look fantastic, motion blurs and depth of field are great touches...and it's using Unreal Engine 2.5! Wow! Amazing! But I guess it's old technology so it can't possibly be next-gen, right?
Freerunning across a third of the city at one time is an incredible technical accomplishment. If you had the whole city at one time, the focus of the mission would become derailed and the game probably wouldn't even boot at all.
The control scheme for freerunning and combat is simple and intuitive...actually, I won't go on, because you've probably just skipped everything I said anyway.

In short, there's a difference between stating an opinion and trying to accuse Ubisoft for making a "garbage" game because it's not what you were expecting.

By the way, what do you call next-gen if this game isn't? And please don't say Halo 3 because it's only Halo 2.5, with an upgraded graphics engine and...er...well, an upgraded graphics engine.
And yes, I love Halo 3. I just don't think it made quite as much a leap as Assassin's Creed.