View Full Version : Rocca di Ravaldino Fortress?

11-18-2009, 11:49 AM
Im trying to get the assassins tomb inside there. Im at the tomb, but its not letting me 'interact' with it.

It also shows a yellow target or whatever on the map..but when I go there, There's nothing.


11-21-2009, 10:57 PM
Same problem. I'm standing in front of the door and my Eagle Vision is saying "Open Me."...but I can't. And I don't want to screw around a lot based on the fact that getting up there is such a pain in the butt. Guess I'm leaving it on pause until I figure this out...

11-26-2009, 01:14 AM
Finally figured it out. I feel like an idiot for missing it. When you get to that final room, there's another lever right in front of you, like there was in every other room. You have to start it and make it across the way before the door closes. That's why we weren't able to "interact" with it. The door can only be opened by the timed lever.

Duh. :/