View Full Version : what is ubisoft planning to do about this issue?

11-22-2007, 02:38 PM
I just bought a PS3 a few days ago. I asked the sales person to recommend a game that was going to throughly impress me. At first glance Assassins creed looked fantastic. However i quickly found that the frame rate was unacceptable and the game was plauged with freezing issues. As i had not played any other PS3 titles, i thought i had just bought a faulty PS3. I exchanged it for another one.

I set up the new PS3 and had the exact same issues. I am not at all satisfied with my purchase from ubisoft. they have released an unfinished product that was clearly not tested throughly. I demand to know what UBIsoft intends on doing to fix this or i will be returning my purchase within the next few days.

I would much rather they announced that they will be releasing a patch soon, because the game itself would be great if its technical issues were resolved.

I have had the same frame rate and crashing issues with xmb versions 1.94, 2.0 and now the most recent 2.01.

This is not an issue of playstaion firmware. UBIsoft needs to take responsibility for releasing an incomplete product, and stop acting like they experienced no issues with this game during testing.

11-22-2007, 03:07 PM
AGREE 100%

I dont want to return the game, unless EVERYBODY that bought this game do it.....
I do believe that they are anot worried, because this "problem" did not Hit the "news" or newspapers, TV. Well I work for the News and If no one will say, I will talk to my boss about and show how many Thousands of people were SCAMED by Ubi