View Full Version : The 4.10 blind landing mission

12-29-2010, 09:36 AM
I wonder how many have tried the B25 single mission for blind landing which comes with 4.10?

Maybe you tried it and gave up because you could never see the runway lights even after requesting them to be switched on or because you flew into the ground 1km short of the runway!

Well there are two things that you can do to help and avoid losing all your hair like I have.

1) Whoever built this mission positioned the ILS tx object too close to the extended runway centreline resulting in a glidepath that drives you into the ground 1km short of the runway. Open the mission in FMB and re-position the transmitter with the arrow pointing at the runway at least 500m further out. That way you will at least be on the correct glideslope!

2) The request for turning the runway lights on appears to be based on the distance out. If you fly this mission, you will not be able to switch them on until 300ft on final and……you must be able to hear the acknowledgement from the tower “Roger”. There will then be a delay while the controller has a cup of tea and finally switches them on as you flare over the runway!

I do hope they will fix this!

I had so many failures trying to find the runway that I changed the weather to clear and the time to 1800 to see just what was happening…….fortunately I still have a sense of humour and will buy a beer for the guy that tried to kill us all!

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