View Full Version : How are medals awarded in offline campaigns?

12-25-2005, 12:37 PM
I'm guessing its a point style system but was just curious.Is there anyway to change it so as you can recommend your men for awards if they have done well or promote them?I know there isnt in il2 itself but is there anyy utlity that can enable this?



12-25-2005, 04:24 PM
yes, it is point based. Therea re two styles: "RU" and "DE"

I had some trouble with this recently, making a medal pack.

Every medal is awarded in an order determined by the sim; the campaign folder or DGEN will tell the sim which 'style' of medal allocation is correct. In addition, both 'styles' use the same, simple list, starting at "award0" and typically ending at "award7" but not always. The file for both would look like this:

0 AVG Pilot's Wings
1 Written Commendation for Bravery
2 Personal Thanks form Generalissimo and Madame Chiang kai-Shek
3 White Cloud banner
4 Order of national treaure
5 Order of the White Sun and Blue Sky
6 Order of the Glorious Eagle
7 Distinguished Service Cross (USA)

Even though both 'styles' use that same list, each style awards medals in different combinations or orders, as follows-
"DE" is the "German Style" in sim terms, it awards medals in order, like this:


"RU" is the "Russian style" of medal allocation as far as the sim goes, which means that this happens, with the same properties file as the above medals:


Sorry about the text overlay, this is from when I was trying to figure it out. As you can see, some awards repeat with the "RU" style of medal allocation. In each campaign structure, a line of code tells the campaign which style to use. A "Blue" campaign can use the "RU" style of awarding medals, and "Red" can use the "DE" style

But in any case, yes the awards are, unfortunately, based solely on making X amount of points and then, if you have enough points to get a medal, or the next one if you already have one, the sim awards the medal in one of those two ways, depending on which system the campaign asks for. If you make enough points, you may be awarded multiple awards after one mission

The player also can never award a commendation/medal/what-have-you to a pilot. that might be an interesting aspect for BoB though, if you could promote and decorate the pilots if you were in command, and have the promotions or decorations (or lack thereof when they may deserve them) affect their skills. That's a very interesting idea. Not sure if it's feasible but is sure is novel

12-26-2005, 08:11 AM
I just think it would add a bit of atmosphere and make it feel like playing offline is worth it.It would be nice to think you have several DFC winners in your squadron watching your back!

I dont relly think it would be that feasible either however as how would the computer define an "act of bravery"/I suppose Distinguished flying could be done but it would again have to be point allocated.

Thanks for your reply.