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12-02-2004, 11:42 AM
Why are some certain fighter planes so hard to destroy?? They took HUGE amounts of 20mm fire before "ready" conditition.

Lets attack P47 here.
One real life pilot account tells that one was able to RTB with his JUG which took some 20 20mm hits and over 200 machine gun hits, that was really a lucky fella id say, but now almost any Jug takes that amount of hits from 20mm easily, which i find wrong. if i remember right in that pilot account pilot told that he found some 20mm shells in his plane, which means rounds were dud
or rounds were incendiary ammo with "wet" fuse, or how you name that fuse which goes off only if hits gasoline. So, isnt it bit funny how much some KI84:s, P47:s and Corsairs and hellcats take hits? Compare wing hits to Fockewulf, one hit on FW:s wing and thats it, no speed, no turning, HUGE "need of turning" at damaged wing side. not with other planes. Isnt that bit off on DM here?

almost every plane had same componenst inside em: fuel, engine, oil, radiator, oxygen bottle, boost stuff(MW50 etc) radios etc etc. some had armour in some places more than others, but none was fully armored in every part.

Need some sense in here.

12-02-2004, 04:10 PM
not all P47's take 20 20mm hits before falling...

the pilot you refer to is Johnson and he was very lucky that day...

however, 20mm hits on his plane were all over it, not concentrated, so it just kept flying (miraculously, but flying) in game, just put some hits in the right spot and he'll go down

12-02-2004, 04:13 PM
The Jug will definately go down right away with a good hit to the engine or wingroot. No need to even use 20mm, your 13mm Mg131s will kill an engine.

The Fw190 still seems to have some damage quirks, the one hit wing lift eliminator shot is one of them. Overall though, it has gotten much better.