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01-31-2005, 08:34 PM
Can someone tell me , step by step, how to download missions. I've got installed a stand alone Pacific Fighter game, and have not yet installed any patches for this game. I have attempted to download missions, and I have successfully found the unzipped files in the Pacific Fighter Folder. Am I mean't to transfer these files manually into the appropriate folder for the specfic type of game, nationality, fighter?

01-31-2005, 09:00 PM
Check the files you have downloaded. they should have a readme, or more likely the download point will have a note, explaining what games you need, ie FB + AEP or whatever. They will usually contain installation instructions.
Generally, unzip them, install them into missions>campaigns>then the releveant country's file.

01-31-2005, 09:42 PM
Welcome, clogger2005!

First off, download the patches for the stand-alone version of Pacific Fighters. Go to here (http://www.3dgamers.com/games/pacificfighters/downloads/) (3D Gamers) to find the patch downloads. When patching up from a fresh install like yours, always make as big of version "jumps" as possible. That is, don't install every patch availible sequentially. Rather, start with the big patch to v3.03, then patch from v3.03 to v3.04.

Now, for your actual question:
Missions created by you and other users, like the ones you're trying to download, consist of two types of files. The main file is a *.mis, and the other is a properties file (sorry, I can't remember the exact extension off the top of my head). Mission packs that you download may come with other files, such as readmes, self-installers, paint schemes, etc.

When you download a mission, you'll have to put the *.mis and prorperties files in one of the mission subdirectories, named for the country of the mission.

If everything is working properly, you should be able to load the mission from the country's mission menu in the game that corresponds with the subdirectory you put the file in. If that doesn't work, however, all is not lost.

You can open and play missions from the Full Mission Builder (FMB). Simply open the FMB, select File/Load (not Load Map...), and browse for the mission file. Once the file has loaded up, you should see the map, waypoints, objects and whatnot in the mission builder. Now, select File/Play, and you will be sent to the briefing screen for the mission, which will run normally from this point.

Of course using the FMB isn't the preferred way to run missions, but it is a useful way to troubleshoot when you're having problems getting missions to run.

If you can get to the briefing screen and begin a mission, but it fails to load, or crashes when loading completes, most likely that mission uses planes, objects, or a map that isn't in your version. If you can open the mission in the FMB, but you cannot get to the briefing screen, the FMB will usually give you an error message hinting at what's wrong.

Finally, give it a shot and find out exactly what is giving you troubles. Ask here, and the more specific the question, the better the help will be.

01-31-2005, 09:56 PM
Some campaigns come as self-installing packages, but most require you to do a small bit of manual work. The location to where you put everything depends on what exactly you downloaded: single missions can usually go into any 'nationality' subfolder in the Missions/Single folder of your "Ubi Soft/Pacific Fighters" main folder and still work; campaigns go into the appropriate Missions/Campaign nationality folder; and co-op missions go into the Missions/Net folder.

(I think I have these folder names mostly right; I'm going on memory and based on FB+AEP+PF.)

Skins might possibly be included with your missions/campaigns, especially if certain markings play an important role to the designer's intent. These would go into the appropriate aircraft folders in Paint Schemes/Aircraft of "Pacific Fighters." The important thing, as was suggested above, is to read any documentation the designer includes that will instruct you on properly installing the missions or campaign.

One last note: be sure you are installing missions specifically made for the Pacific Fighters "stand-alone" version. Even if you use missions built with the 'merged' version but set in the Pacific war, the designer might include something from FB/AEP that was not included with PF; also, I think I noticed that one or two ground objects have different names between the merged and stand-alone versions of PF. (At the very least, the US tracked landing craft wasn't available as a moving ship in stand-alone 3.0, but it was in 'merged' 3.0.

Even if you upgrade your version of PF, you can still use missions made with a lower version number of the game. In all probability you can also use missions created using a higher version number than your version unless the designer utilizes the F2A as a flyable, released in patch v3.02, or some of the new ground smoke/light effects also released in an upgrade patch.

01-31-2005, 10:55 PM
Thanks for the great advice guys! Soon as I get home I'll load up the patches and try again.