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08-20-2007, 11:47 AM
I like everyone on these boards is anxiously awaiting the BOB SOW. I've had months to mess around with all the old sims, and so-called fun stuff that's available for those old sims.

I've been having fun with the CFS2 for the most part, but I'm also enjoying the BOB II WOV as well. Each of these sims have plus and minus, but there is still some enjoyment for Offline players left in those old gals.. LOL

The MSFT CFS2 is still a very viable community. The 3rd party devs are still cranking out the add-ons and the forums are busy. The Online game for MSFT CFS2 is a thing of the past, but the Offline players are still very much into the MSFT CFS2. The principal driving force behind all this viable community of users is the very competent mission builder tools included with the MSFT CFS2.

Sure the Ai in MSFT CFS2 stinks as compared to just about any decent combat flight sim, but the ability to build tactical scenarios with the mission builder still offsets the lack of quality AI performance. There have been some inroads made into the coding, so there are tweaks players can use to perk up their AI some.

I want to make it crystal clear. I have supported this sim and bought retail copies of every version, except PE-2. I just refused to allow spyware and that piracy software to mess up my computer system. I did buy everything before and after the PE-2. I was very disappointed with the way the PE-2 was released, but I still stayed a loyal IL2'er.

Now the BOB SOW is on the horizon with a late 2007 or early 2008 release date. I have never read anything for sure about the BOB SOW mission builder tool.

The Online game has been the carrying force of IL2, but I'm hoping Oleg will respect us...OFFLINE players. Respect us enough for our patience, to provide us a highly competent BOB SOW mission builder tool.

I'm not interested to have an open BOB SOW, as others. I personally like it, having the best aircraft Oleg has given us along with the excellent objects and stuff that goes with this great sim. I just click on the desktop Icon and I've always got a decent sim experience without having to download a bunch of stuff or reconfiguring the software and hardware. That's important to me, and it is an excellent indicator of a professional product.

I'm not some pansie butt fan boy. I loved building missions in the IL2 for several years, but the tools and ability to build good tactical missions are just not in the FMB.

Online play is OK if you're a part of a coop or squadron, but as a player just logging into the Hyperlobby it's... furrballs on the deck, with vulching to the extreme. Anytime, if I want may head handed to me... I fly online. LOL

I've seen some remarkable things added into the old Rowan's BOB after the source code was released. The 3rd party develeoper, SHockwave and dedicated developer/users of the sim have done an exceptional job with that old sim.

The recent AI performance engine that has been applied to that old sim (BOB II WOV ver 2.0.6)takes it to a new level. No doubt this kind of improvements in that old sim have got to reflect on the benchmark quality standards that will need to be applied in the BOB SOW.

There is a feature in MSFT Flight simulator that has always been a bonus. The real world weather, even if it is only updated every 15 minutes. If you can access real time weather like this for the most part the missions will have some real immersive feel to them.

I realize there may be times of the year when real world weather wouldn't be relavent in some missions, but... they are just virtual missions. I just like the idea of changing weather within the flight as is the case real world.

Sure... I'd like to read all about the new BOB SOW,especially the mission builder tools. It doesn't bother me Oleg holds his cards so other players (sim devs) can't see them. I'm going to go about my business and enjoy combat flight simming, and wait patiently for the BOB SOW.

I'm hoping Oleg takes all the time he needs to release a highly competitive and competent product. If it takes another year... so be it.

08-20-2007, 04:02 PM
Originally posted by nearmiss:

I'm hoping Oleg takes all the time he needs to release a highly competitive and competent product. If it takes another year... so be it.

You are right on the money with this one. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/agreepost.gif

08-20-2007, 04:36 PM
+1 Good post. No mention of any lunch tuber but still a good post.

08-21-2007, 03:51 AM
Originally posted by Waldo.Pepper:
+1 Good post. No mention of any lunch tuber but still a good post.

I am waiting for parsnips to be modelled in BoB...