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if assassin's creed 1 revolves around the crusade
if assassin's creed 2 revolves around the renaissance

then assassin's creed 3 should revolve around another important historical era, the period of colonization which implies the aggressive search of the templars for the relics also the interaction of the factions with remnants of the enslaved humans as well as those who worship and guard the relics of the ancient gods, there are three places colonized that would be good settings south america, north america and india

this game should introduce the creation of various supplies like throwing knives, medicine and poison
and perhaps the introduction of some new vehicles, specifically boats and carts

the first one should concentrate on the most mysterious race of people the aztecs and inca, el dorado was just a cover up to find a relic in south america guarded by the incas, remnants of the human slaves of the ancient gods who were given the eternal task of guarding the relic
the portuguese should be the the side that is controlled mostly by the assassins because of the fact that their methods of colonization were that compassionate, and the spanish ruled by that of the templar

the second should be about the colonization of america, the first group of assassins were undercover as the first parties that disappeared and was discovered to have been integrated with the native american tribes and the templars were undercover as the parties that were successful in establishing a foothold in the eastern side of america, they begin searching for the relics by studying the folklore of americas slave remnants, the native americans

maybe adding a sequel to this one this time about the colonization of the heart of america

and the last one is about the english colonization of india and perhaps also singapore

each place has its own unique weapons, skills, obstacles, new gadgets and free running technique, new merenaries and enemies

each protagonist has their own perks and difficulties

example, the portuguese assassin is a captain giving him the perks and disadvantages such as

-having a mount,

-hidden blade cant be dual wielded

-limited agility

-soldiers will respect you

-access to all regulation weapons such as sabers, muskets, pistols, halberd,

-ability to lead a small unit of portuguese soldiers

as an assassin the protagonist is disguised as
a merchant and has perks and disadvantages such as:

-being able to hire either a portuguese escort or native mercenaries, each has their own strengths and weaknesses, the escorts have a larger attack range and has higher defense and hit points while the natives have higher attack power and more agility and has lower hit points

-access to more exotic weapons and explosives
-armor is more agile since its either chain mail or leather
-trade resources with natives, fellow merchants and even respectable pirates
-ability to penetrate spanish held territories
-dual wield hidden blade
-better free running in jungle
-some soldiers will harass and pick on the player
-military bases are not accessible

there are two types of missions(based on occupation)
military which as a captain, the protagonist will:
-protect convoy bringing tributes to the natives and vice versa
-defend neutral and allied native villages from spanish and templar raiding parties
-convert hostile and neutral native villages
- eliminate hostile and templar related bandits and merchants

and assassin based missions with the protagonist undercover as a portuguese merchant
-tracking the relics
-recruiting native assassins

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i will branch out the other ideas as soon as i research on the history some more

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You do know that when america was being discovered and was starting become colonized was during the events of AC Brother Hood and AC Revelations...

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