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04-30-2010, 08:07 AM
After DA I wasn't too excited about this game. When I heard that it was turning away from what SC was "all about" I was even more disappointed. I knew release was coming and to be honest couldn't care less.

Release gets here and in all honesty there was no other games that I was playing so I thought I'd give it a try. I have played all the others why not.

Well to start the game looks great. The visuals are done very well and I thing they paid attention to details. The gameplay does take a little getting used to, as does every new game I play and the controls are quite a bit different from the other games. I have mixed feelings about the black and white cover. On one hand it's good because you don't have the "restrictions" of goggles but then you just go from b%w to light without warning and that can be annoying.

The story is pretty good so far but I haven't finished it yet so I won't make comments about it. The mp is the fun part. I played the other day and last night for I don't know how many hours without any problems. I opened up the ports in my router the game needs and I have no problem finding a match or starting a private match. I went to the Steam Group, found someone, got the Steam voice chat going, and game on.

I have tried only a few modes but the one I like is Infiltration on realistic. I played with someone last night for a long time and it was alot of fun. They change up the AI somewhat so when you keep trying it's not predictable. The AI hunts you down too and it can be a giant pain in the a$$ but makes the game.

Ubi did drop the ball on the mp comms though. I mean not even a text chat ffs. Are we supposed to use mental telepathy? Maybe yell out the window? I mean come on UBI, what game with mp content these days doesn't have a chat? I would even be happy with binary signals, anything. No dedicated servers I guess I could live with but the matchmaking idea is, well, handicapped I'll say. I mean a lobby with a chat just makes sense. "What game type would you like?" "I don't know, how about Hunter". This game seems totally geared toward XBox with basically built in voice so why add it to the game. Lazy Ubi, just lazy.

To all of you who are having issues I feel your pain as I've been there in alot of cases. I guess I just got lucky on this one. I applied the ATI hotfix as I had freeze and crash problems the first day but since then it runs smooth. My system:

Windows 7 Pro 64
Intel i5 2.66
4 Gigs RAM
Intel SSD O/S Drive
2x4870 (1gig ea)
Maximus Formula III