View Full Version : No inertia-based flight model in IL-2 before?

12-31-2004, 12:25 AM
Is this true? I had always thought IL-2 had inertia modeled but this makes more sense to me now why stalls dont behave exactly as they should and why when parts explode they dont follow a natural movement... I had no idea IL-2's engine didn't do this!!! As a modder for a flightsim called Fighter Squadron: Screamin Demons Over Europe I'm astounded to hear this as we've always had an inertia-based and true physics based flight model to contend with... And that sim is 6 years old now! Really makes ya think...

12-31-2004, 01:11 AM
read here

12-31-2004, 09:55 AM
I think the inertia system is to be extended rather than it being not present.

ArgonV: going off topic, I still like SDOE, but it got so big on my hard drive (3.5GB) I had to delete it in the end as the play-per-GB ratio was too low. Have there been any developments since Sometimes the parts in SDOE explosions act a little oddly too - do you know what that would be the case (PM me since we will be way off topic!)

12-31-2004, 03:08 PM
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Yeah fixed some things and added a new axle-wheel friction property.. The objects flying all crazy when they explode is because they have little inertia and the game won't delete them unless they've hung around for a bit of time.

FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 was released om Christmas. The largest mod ever for SDOE! http://argonv.tripod.com/FSWWI_Page/readme.htm

12-31-2004, 06:07 PM
This does look interesting.

Can't read the webpage cos it scrolls of the right, so post here...they need to fix scroll problem...

TAUBE readme...
~> http://argonv.tripod.com/FSWWI_Page/documentation/aircraft.htm

**Etrich A-II Taube Alpha 1**

**NOTE** You MUST have the WWI Plane Pack installed (For the hand bomb and squadrons) aswell as the Bleriot XI (For the Air-to-Air Combat mission)

This Taube is a total rebuild from scratch of Kugelfang's origonal Taube. Kugelfang inspired me when he sent his Taube model to me. I got it into SDOE and then Nat scaled it up and made new wings and Aladar fixed a few shading problems with the fuse. But it was then that I discovered (To my great disappointment) that this Taube was a framerate hog! I asked Wakeup Tailgunner to help optimise the model but he turned out a completely new one. (For which I thank him greatly!) The skin is Kugel's origonal one. (Touched up a bit of course and now on two tifs with many new bits) and I used the old Taube Alpha as a base. (I still have the origonal framerate unfriendly Taube if anyone wants it) I did the FM, DM and all the OPS work. (Minus the wires) The spoked wheels are borrowed from Sv's beautiful Fokker E.III and Razer made me a shadow and touched up a bit or two. The FM is getting there, but still a bit off (Pang will work on this I hope. It needs climb rate improvement and the wing values are fudged...) and the DM is almost done. (Bullet holes need adding) The damaged skin was done by WWDubya. The pilots are slightly modified versions of MrBlob's pilot and Dirk. If no bugs are found this should be the first of three possible releases. When MrBlob gets the wiring in and I add in the bullet holes I'll do a second release. If/when the FM gets more complete I'll do a third release.


-DM includes fuel leaks, respectable engine DM, minor control surface DM.

-The pilot has the option of having a bomb being dropped from his hand. The copilot has a revolver in hand which can be shot both by you and the AI. You can fire the pistol from the copilot position or jump into the gun position. (NOTE: If at first the AI does not auto-aim at its enemies, jump in the gun position and take control over it, shoot the gun once and then jump back into the pilot/copilot position. The AI should now auto-aim) The copilot also has a set of binoculars that can be raised by pressing the G key and the pilots and copilots scarfs also flap.

-A simplified version of wing warping. (To allow for the curve tipped wings and to aviod shading problems)

-Moving control wheel column, throttle and rudder peddels.

-An accurate cockpit

-Many more!

**NOTE** Do NOT go into a dive with this areoplane! She is very fragile... Also remember that this is no sports car. Early WWI planes must be handled with TLC. (Tender Loving Care)

Installation: Unzip into the Media folder with the 'Use folder names' option checked.

Add these lines to your startup.ppf file:



Known Problems/things to be done: Climb rate and wing values are off. Bullet holes need adding. Wires need adding.

Enjoy! And welcome to early WWI aviation. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif


Etrich A-II Taube Beta 1

**NOTE** You MUST have the previously released Etrich A-II Taube Alpha 1 for this update to work.

**Updated Since Alpha 1: Added in individual bullet holes for when your plane gets shot, reduced the damage needed to show the damaged textures, reduced the amount of damage the engine could take, more lower detail lods for the wings and hstab/elevator to increase framerates, increased revolver rounds to simulate more reloading, other small various tweaks, new revolver sound borrowed from MrBlob**

Installation: Unzip into the Media folder with the 'Use folder names' option checked.

Known Problems/things to be done: Climb rate and wing values are off. Wires need adding.




-Wires added!!
-Roll rate tuned down
-New cockpit padding texture

-Hires texture support added
-German gauges added

**Update PP4**

-New skin
-New pilots
-New FM
-Fixed 3d model shading
-New wheel textures by Recon3