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08-17-2010, 11:42 AM
Greetings Assassins and Templars,

i hope UbiSoft reads through these forums from time to time, the sole reason why i created this acount and decided to post my opinion on this forum in hopes of that my ideas will be used, or at least given some consideration (if not already implemented in the 3rd installment of this epic game).

I bought Assassins Creed 2 just a couple of days ago, completed it and then out of curiosity bought Assassins Creed 1 to see if the story would be just as compelling as with the second, but also why people would say that alot of annoying factors from AC1 had been improved with AC2.

My opinions and ideas:


With regards to Assassins Creed part 1, Assassins Creed 2 seemed alot easier. The Enemy AI in part 1 seemed more agressive in terms of grabbing and counter-attacking or removing your own guard/block completely by the special guard breaker move. What i also missed in Assassins Creed 2 (but was present in part 1) and hoping to see in Brotherhood or a 4th AC, would be the massive amount of enemies you could get in combat with as it was in AC1. There was a lot more emphasis on doing battle in AC1 then there was in part 2. AC2 was too easy in comparison since you could beat all enemies (without getting a single scratch) by simply counter-attacking every move they make or side stepping and attacking. This was alot harder in AC1 because the enemy had guard breakers and grab moves. I would suggest bringing back these moves, but if you want to keep it easier for the casual player, install a easy, normal and hard mode where the AI on medium/hard would perform those grab/guard breakers more frequently.

There's another thing which i personally think needs improvement and that would be the lock-on system. I have found this to be somewhat frustrating in some cases, because youd first need to lock-on, before you are able to block. I would like to see AC make a wink/nod towards Ninja Gaiden 2, where the combat system (apart from the horrible camera and cheap grab moves with no counter possible) was almost as good as flawless. In NG2, you dont need to lock-on, just have the ai do this for you, or if you insist on holding lock-on in the game, let me at least BLOCK/GUARD without first needing to lock-on.

Another wink to Ninja Gaiden would be the awesome ability to throw shuriken while moving. Ive found the throwing knives to be more usefu in AC1 then they are in AC2. Also not being able to jump of buildings and throwing those knives in the process or charging your throwing knives before combat has started would make this weapon alot more viable imho. I still think that the dagger/throwing knives combo was a very good choice.


I dont have alot of other comments on the combat, though some more entertaining visually pleasing combo moves would be great.


There are some quest types which i think are a bit frustrating as well. Certain kill missions where i instantly am desynchronised the moment i am spotted. When approaching an enemy and am spotted and kill him in less than 1 second after it, im still desynchronised, but why? Its not like they have cellphones to let each other know that they are dead, so what they he saw me. Ironically, that same guard, can be shot point blank with his hidden pistol, which makes a hell of a lot of noise, but this, attracts no attention? That somehow seems a little weird. Furthermore, if i one-hit melee kill a guard in sight of another guard, im desynced, but killing a guard with the pistol, while another guard can clearly see this happening i am strangely not desynced. Also, when running through "red" areas, or places where guards can spot me, they have a meter which slowly fills up, but when i exploit the line of sight, they act as if i were never there and dont alarm anything at all. Im hoping this will get a more realistic edit for the future AC's, because it tends to break the "fantasy" part of being an Assassins whom does not want any attention from guards at all.

In the end, im hoping you will skip the whole desynchronisation part in this game, allowing people to play it as they see fit. Afteral, nothing is true; everything is permitted, meaning that i think people should decide themselves to be like a shadow assassin, not seen by anyone, or simply to go head on into combat and if need be, chace your target across the entire town without ever desyncing, well unless you die ofc.


Just my 2 cents, but im really hoping this will be given some consideration for next AC games.


The game needs more blood. After killing tons of guards, there is not a single drop of blood on the ground. Nor can i dismember limbs, split torsos in half or chop of heads. Again, something which is superbly done in Ninja Gaiden 2; im hoping to see this in Assassins Creed as well, especially since it already is a 18+ rated game http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Thanks for reading/replying and good luck.

Kind regards,


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