View Full Version : *SPOILERS* Some answers, lots of questions

03-13-2011, 05:04 PM
Spoilers on ACB and The Da Vinci Disappearance

Well, at least we got some questions answered:

- At the end of ACB, one of the men is William M., and he is "the expert" (I think)

- If there's something in the franchise that has to do with Desmond's son, we haven't seen it yet, unless he has the same name

So, probably, there is no Inception theory, and Desmond is with other Assassins, unless they're traitors. But just look at these questions:

- What is William looking for in the memories?

- Why is the Apple useless without that?

- Why is William more worried about that than with Desmond's health?

- Is there another man? I think I heard a different voice!

Anyway, here's what I think it's possible:

- Since, by the way things were at the end of ACB, Desmond was alone (I think), Shaun and Rebecca could have gotten Lucy out of there and leave Desmond in the temple. Then, somehow, William and the other Assassins found him and took him somwhere else, and that's where he is now.

- Shaun and Rebecca took both Lucy and Desmond out of there, the other Assassins arrived, and put Desmond in the animus, but this would be strange because Shaun and Rebecca would be with William and the others (unless they're traitors)

But of course, there are problems:

- Shaun and Rebecca wouldn't leave Desmond behind. Well, maybe, but maybe not.

- The Assassins couldn't have gotten an Animus in Juno's Temple, unless it was pretty technologically advanced.

- Why would they worry so much about Desmond, but not even a bit about Lucy?

I personally think Desmond was alone when they found him, and then they took him somewhere else (this is the most likely, even being comproved by in-game facts, like the third voice heard at the beginning and the use of the sedative). I don't think this is the end of Ezio, as they seem to be searching for something on his memories.
Only one thing is certain: there are still lots of pieces out of these puzzle.

I haven't finished this DLC yet, so if there's something wrong, don't start insulting me or making comments while thinking you are better than the others. This is just theories and speculation. If you don't like, save that for yourself.